Hitler Cake Guy Speaks



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“I admire hitler because his army was so disciplined and he had great commmand over his people…it took three nations to beat him.”

Larry Brennan explains his Hitler birthday cake on the Sue Nunn show on KCLR FM.

That’s cleared that up then.

*climbs into attic*

Kilkenny mans Hitler cake causes controversy (KCLR)

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61 thoughts on “Hitler Cake Guy Speaks

  1. torturedgardener

    “the people that he put to death were spoiling the economy of his country”

    he actually said that.

    he really did actually say that.

      1. torturedgardener

        starts at the 4 minute mark, and then the presenter cuts him off with “oh holy god, i can’t even let you say that larry because that’s just so offensive to people”

      2. droid

        He said it. Not just denying the holocaust, but justifying it.

        He’s totally jumped the shark on this one.

        1. Am I still on this Island

          How could he deny it and justify it in the same sentance? Or did he just go into some strange rant?

          1. droid

            Sorry if I was unclear he tried to justify the holocaust rather than deny it, like most nazi types do.

  2. Stevie Coppell

    Larry heard there was ‘two sides to every story’ and the people Hitler killed were ‘devaluing the German economy’. I reckon Larry is some craic.

  3. PaddyIrishMan

    Anytime you start a sentence with “I admire Hitler….” you know that you’ve made a serious error of judgement….

  4. Mike

    I collect Nazi stuff too, maybe I should be demonised as well, the man has an interest in a period of history, what is wrong with that?

    1. droid

      If you agree with what he says in this interview you should be demonised too.

      Preferably by a real demon.

      1. Mike

        I agree with alot of what he says, look at it from an organisational view, forget the atrocities committed, pretty sure the Allies carried out worse when the bombed Japan.

        1. droid

          Are you insane? Why should we ‘forget about the atrocitie’s of the nazis but remember the atrocities of the allies?

          Id be the first to condemn allied bombing raids and the use of the atomic bomb, but combine every civilian killed in all raids on Germany AND japan, and you still dont come close to the holocaust.

        1. jungleman

          Bottom line – he is a Hitler apologist and that is inexcusable. He would have been better off saying that it was a joke and that no offence was meant rather than declaring his admiration for one of the most evil people in history and then trying to justify it in some way.

  5. Bingo

    Is it just the way the light is falling on the cake or does Hitler appear to be wearing a little party hat?

  6. Spud

    Attention ‘Late Late Show’ reseachers!!
    Please, don’t just go to the RTE canteen as usual and drag up anyone you can find.
    Get this guy!!

    1. C Sharp

      Yes, Hitler’s villification is a fabrication of the mainstream media which is controlled by you know who.

      Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think.
      It’s like a meta-conspiracy, and you are a meta-moron.

  7. Cicero

    Out of interest, did this stem from Broadsheet’s outing of it yesterday? The ‘Anything interesting in the Kilkenny whatsamajigger’ post?

  8. JC27

    He’s just an old gobshite, who to be fair has led a fairly interesting life. I don’t want to be ageist but surely this guy has reached the point where you pretty much discount whatever he has to say.

    Also the daughter would giggidy giggidy git it. Poor cake taste or no.

    ‘all de people dat hitler uhh dat hitler kilt’

    gud luk

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