‘On My Death-Bed I Will Not Regret It’




Forgiven Fine Gael returnee councillor Darren Scully (above with Enda Kenny in 2011) was interviewed by Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM in November 2011 to defend his decision not to represent black people.

Niall Boylan: “You very clearly said, if a Black Nigerian woman came to your clinic looking for representation, or advice that you would ask her to go to someone else.”

Darren Scully: “Do I not have a right to whom I want to represent?”

“You’re a public representative!”

Scully: “No, no, sorry, sorry…”

“You’re a public representative!”

Scully: “No, no, no, no..”

Boylan: “You represent the people of this country!”

Scully: “I just made a conscious decision…

Boylan: “But that’s racism!”

Scully: “It’s not, it’s not being racist!”

Boylan: “Yes it is, of course, you’re dicrimminating against someone purely because he’s African!”

Scully: “I choose every day whether to represent people or not. Sometimes I get queries from people who..

Boylan: “Based on the colour of their skin?”

Scully: “No, no, no no!”

Boylan: “Where they’re from?”

Scully: “No. I have made a conscious decision that because of the treatment that I have received from Black Africans in relation to dealing with representations on the council, I have made a decision, I do no longer want to take those representations . It does not reflect…[interrupts]”

Boylan: “Hold on a second, could you imagine Darren, making that same decision, publicly, to not represent members of The Travelling Community, or women, let’s say women, for example. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with women and now you won’t represent women. Could you imagine…”

“…of course there’d be public outcry!”

Boylan: “So why is this so different?”

“No matter – as you said Niall, no matter who, if I made a comment about any person, or background and said I no longer want to represent them – that’s my view, that’s my opinion. But then people will make a decision on that when it comes to the next election.”

Boylan: “Darren, you’re a brave man, I have to say that to you, you’re a very brave man to come in and convey your convictions and that’s what you feel, and many people may disagree with you. Just in relation to our text poll tonight, 85% of people agree with what Darren said and they think he’s right in saying what he says. The point is, the rest of us obviously disagree, do you think this interview may have damaged your political career?”

Scully: “On my death-bed, I will not regret it!”

Boylan: “So, you’ll stand up for what you said earlier?”

Scully: “Absolutely, I think, and I would encourage anyone who has listened to this broadcast tonight, if they have opinions, they should express them and never be afraid to say what you feel.”

Yay racism.

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Thanks Mike Hogan