‘On My Death-Bed I Will Not Regret It’




Forgiven Fine Gael returnee councillor Darren Scully (above with Enda Kenny in 2011) was interviewed by Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM in November 2011 to defend his decision not to represent black people.

Niall Boylan: “You very clearly said, if a Black Nigerian woman came to your clinic looking for representation, or advice that you would ask her to go to someone else.”

Darren Scully: “Do I not have a right to whom I want to represent?”

“You’re a public representative!”

Scully: “No, no, sorry, sorry…”

“You’re a public representative!”

Scully: “No, no, no, no..”

Boylan: “You represent the people of this country!”

Scully: “I just made a conscious decision…

Boylan: “But that’s racism!”

Scully: “It’s not, it’s not being racist!”

Boylan: “Yes it is, of course, you’re dicrimminating against someone purely because he’s African!”

Scully: “I choose every day whether to represent people or not. Sometimes I get queries from people who..

Boylan: “Based on the colour of their skin?”

Scully: “No, no, no no!”

Boylan: “Where they’re from?”

Scully: “No. I have made a conscious decision that because of the treatment that I have received from Black Africans in relation to dealing with representations on the council, I have made a decision, I do no longer want to take those representations . It does not reflect…[interrupts]”

Boylan: “Hold on a second, could you imagine Darren, making that same decision, publicly, to not represent members of The Travelling Community, or women, let’s say women, for example. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with women and now you won’t represent women. Could you imagine…”

“…of course there’d be public outcry!”

Boylan: “So why is this so different?”

“No matter – as you said Niall, no matter who, if I made a comment about any person, or background and said I no longer want to represent them – that’s my view, that’s my opinion. But then people will make a decision on that when it comes to the next election.”

Boylan: “Darren, you’re a brave man, I have to say that to you, you’re a very brave man to come in and convey your convictions and that’s what you feel, and many people may disagree with you. Just in relation to our text poll tonight, 85% of people agree with what Darren said and they think he’s right in saying what he says. The point is, the rest of us obviously disagree, do you think this interview may have damaged your political career?”

Scully: “On my death-bed, I will not regret it!”

Boylan: “So, you’ll stand up for what you said earlier?”

Scully: “Absolutely, I think, and I would encourage anyone who has listened to this broadcast tonight, if they have opinions, they should express them and never be afraid to say what you feel.”

Yay racism.

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48 thoughts on “‘On My Death-Bed I Will Not Regret It’

  1. Geoffraffe

    Imagine if, when lying on his death-bed and needing urgent medical care, a Nigerian doctor came into the room and refused to attend to him because he’s a racist twat? I wonder would he change his mind then?

  2. bilbo

    An important thing to note here is that he is a racist because he is VOCALLY and PUBLICALLY saying these things. Of course he is entitled to his opinions and chooses who he wants to represent but do it in private. He is a moron because instead of just choosing to not represent a person like he said he does in other situations, he decided to make this one public and thus the racism comes from this. Im sure he gets a fair few white people in who he wouldnt represent in a million years but why decide to make this particular case vocal? How he doesnt think its racist is beyond me. Maybe he isnt racist himself but the manner in which he is going on about it all feeds in racism itself.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “Ironic, isn’t it Smithers? This anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes has cost me the election, and yet if I were to have them killed, I would be the one to go to jail. That’s democracy for you.” –Mr. Burns

  3. Moan

    You can bitch and moan all you want, but he does have a point.
    Nigerians and other Africans have absolutely no business being in Ireland.

  4. Patrick

    He’s a twat. If you are elected you have a duty to represent all the people in your constituency. Certainly not fit for any public office.

  5. Liam

    “Just in relation to our text poll tonight, 85% of people agree with what Darren said and they think he’s right in saying what he says.”

  6. Anon

    I really don’t see where the racism is here. Have any if you actually read what he said. He said “in relation to representation on the council”. So that’s it, no where does he say anything else “racist”. He’s not condoning KKK meetings and lynching for god sake.

    1. trobuff

      You may be a troll, but I shall feed you nonetheless.

      When one is runs for election and is elected a ‘public representative’ one is expected to represent members of the public, regardless of the amount of melatonin in their skin.

      Also, to say he doesn’t want to deal with ‘Black Africans’ means he doesn’t want to deal with about 70-80% of people on a continent of 1 billion. So that’s about 700-800 million people he’s decided to dislike, perhaps because he had an argument with one or two.

      I got a bad pint once and another time I had a row with my ma. I am now refusing to engage with White Europeans.

  7. John

    I notice that the racists commenting here in support of the racist Darren Scully are too scared to use their own names.

    I’m John Moynes and I endorse this message.

    1. TK ickle


      You’re just great, so you are.

      No really, you are. If this was small babies or whatever it is called in this ballygobackwards bog hole, you’d be given a gold star.

    2. Sido

      They must be scared of your incisive wit or sharp observations John.
      Either that, or like a lot of the non-racists on Broadsheet – they prefer anonymity.

    3. Pedanto

      Yes, yes, John, but fupp off with that. This is a messageboard full of pseudonyms, including the bulk of the employees, and ranking them lower than real names (or plausible-sounding pseudonyms) is moronic ad hominem bullshit.

      On the substantive point, isn’t this quote two years old, and therefore part of what he has since apologised for? It’s not a new fact.

      1. Pedanto

        I thought until now that people were typing “fupp”. I didn’t realise it was an autocorrect.

        I’ll read everyone as a little more robust from now on.

      2. Sido

        It’s the stuff from two years ago that he has apoligised for?

        Good old Broadsheet – fighting injustice and intolerance everywhere.

        I for one am happy to be told who I should hate, you should keep on fabricating the truth.

        Do you know where he stands on African Americans?

  8. Carl

    I put a comment up under anon, basically saying I didn’t find it racist. I find it very strange I’m being called racist considering my girlfriend of 12years is black. Because he won’t deal with certain African members of his area does not make him racist. If he had said he wouldn’t deal with them simply for not being white then it would be different. People should get of the bandwagon

    1. Darragh

      The ‘ol ‘my best friend is balck, how can I be racist?’ defence. He said that based on his dealings with some black people, he will no longer deal with any black people. That is discrimination based on race, AKA racism.

    2. scottser

      carl – the fact that scully is refusing to represent a member of the public, as a paid public representative is wrong, pure and simple. the fact that he does so on the basis of negative experiences from the few african persons he has dealt with, and then ascribes those negativities to african persons generally is racist, pure and simple. the fact that he can’t see this is david brent-ian buffoonery of the highest stamp.

    3. Oh Cmooon

      The important point is that it is not “certain” african members but Black Africans period. This is where he goes from being a person who has an issue with a couple of people to being a racist.

  9. Carl

    There’s where your wrong. He said black Africans. I’d bet my house on it he’d deal with a black Irish person, or do you people think there are no black people unless there from Africa.

  10. Ron

    85% of people were in support of him that day on the text poll.. There is a large section of people that would never admit but agree with him.. He will be relected at the next outing.. Personally i think he his a twat, but let the electorate decide.

  11. Eamonn Clancy

    Everyone’s been racist at some point in their lives. It’s a nasty part of life, I’m afraid you’ll have to fly to the moon if you want yo live on a planet where you won’t encounter it. Now, a great big group hug, all you offended poor souls…

    1. ciuncainteach

      He’s a public representative, that’s the difference. He’s not even clever enough to know that he should keep it to himself.

  12. Ron

    What a scumbag. Embarrassed that there are people still like him in this day and age.

    Whatever you feel about people, he is an elected official and must therefore represent the public.

    I know someone who lived in Ian Paisley’s constituency and they said even though he knew they were miles apart politically, Paisley went out out of his way to represent them so as not to be seen as biased.

    If Paisley can do it, then this embarrassment of a Councillor from Kildare can do it.

  13. Podge

    unless he was elected with a 100% majority, he’s not expected to represent 100% of the population. realisticly he represents the people who voted for him and the ideology he expressed whilst canvassing for the position.

    1. Bob

      Clearly you yourself (just as Darren Scully) don’t understand who the ‘public’ is, what ‘public representation’ is, what public reps get paid to do by taxpayers, and what the Code of Conduct for Councillors would cover.

  14. Buzz

    So many people pretending. If I had a euro for everyone I hear giving out yards about Africans getting free accommodation, buggies etc. as they struggle to pay the Revenue, I’d be rich.

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