Water Under The Bridge



“On completion the intern will have attained skills in installation of water meters, water pipe laying, use of manual tools e.g. jack hammer, abrasive wheels, etc., and use of computerised mapping equipment. The intern will also have gained insight in the areas of signing, lighting and guarding of work areas and locating of under ground services.”

Last February, Environment Minister Phil Hogan announced that 1,600 jobs will be created installing more than one million meters over three years, starting in July – with 25% of all jobs, or 400, going to people ‘in need of work’.

Meanwhile, ‘non craftspeople’ have paid more that €600 on two-day training courses to install the meters.


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31 thoughts on “Water Under The Bridge

  1. sentino

    I don’t understand the problem. Both the internship and the 2 day course sound like good ways to get a job. Should the state pay unskilled people more than 238/week during training? Is that the injustice?

    1. well

      What incentive does the state have to pay people an actual lving wage when they can get away with 50 a week?

    2. Seanie

      No, the injustice is that with all the money coming in from the new water charges, the least the Government could have done was create a couple of short term jobs for people instead of using good old slave labour, I mean JobBridge

      1. Am I Still on This Island

        But who is offering this job bridge? Is it a gov body or private company I cant see anywhere in the advert.

    3. Pidgeon

      “1,600 jobs will be created installing more than one million meters over three years, starting in July – with 25% of all jobs, or 400, going to people ‘in need of work’.”

      That there is the issue. Jobbridge isn’t jobs.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    This is disgusting!

    This is Denis leaching off the welfare system, nothing more.

    I’m sure when he won the water meter contract he was to provide training for the staff and pay for it himself. Total scumbaggery!

    1. Sido

      Clampers, Is it the notion of billionaires subsidising their fortunes at the expense of the taxpayer, you object to?
      Or is the notion that that welfare claimants, should be used as slave labour, to install water taxation meters?

      Your post doesn’t make it clear :-)

  3. scottser

    here’s hoping the meters they put in will break after 6 months and we’ll be back to getting our water for free. you know, the way nature intended.

    1. Kieran

      No one is stopping you from standing outside with a bucket.

      Filtering and treating water is interference, after all.

  4. munkifisht

    This makes no sense whatsoever. The original point of the JobBridge scheme (or should that be scam) was to reskill a workforce from manufacturing to a knowledge based economy. It was intended to take people who did not have the necessary education and give them the opportunity to get into sectors where they would otherwise not hove opportunities.

    This shows none of that. The job firstly is a temporary one at best. The water meters are to roll out over 3 years, so what, after 6 months of interning you get another 30 months of paid employment and it’s so long sucka! Secondly, do you really need to intern to use a jackhammer? And lastly, there is a training scheme in place, there is a ready market of people qualified to take these roles. This internship is unnecessary.

    I have mentioned this on here before, but most of my vitriol for the JB comes from the fact that after attaining top marks in my MSc that was in an area which continued to boom during the recession (and is still booming now), I came out to world where the a bridge had been jammed in the middle of the Job Market that carried a heavy toll. Naively, I got a job to tide me over, something I thought I would have for 3 months. After 3 years I decided to give up on getting a proper job in Ireland when a third HR manager told me that unless I quit my present position, went on the dole for 6 months, and came back to them under the JobBridge scam, they wouldn’t be hiring me, so I took my skills, went to London and haven’t looked back. The Queen is delighted with all the tax I give her.

    1. well

      ” The original point of the JobBridge scheme (or should that be scam) was to reskill a workforce from manufacturing to a knowledge based economy. ”

      and when you actually point that out to some people they tell you to stop being a snob and take the job, you are right the scheme has become more and more of a joke.

  5. Ruth

    This is absolutely shocking, Jobs Bridge is a disgrace, it angers me so much. I know several long-term unemployed people who paid €600 to attend the course with the hope of securing employment – now this???? Makes no sense.

    1. scottser

      most of the technical and management posts for irish water are being filled by secondment from the local authorities, which means they’re still being paid by the dept of the environment out of state funds. phil isn’t ‘creating’ jobs by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. scottser

          here ya go clampers, this went to all local authority staff by email:

          Please see attached specifications for permanent job opportunities in Irish Water. The closing date for all positions is 18th October 2013.


          Human Resources

          Dear All,

          Many thanks for all of your assistance with the Irish Water recruitment programme to date. Over the last six months, a number of staff from Local Government and DECLG have joined Irish Water and are making a major contribution to ensuring that the new organisation is ready to take on responsibility for Water Services in Ireland.

          The establishment of the Irish Water organisation is now entering a new phase with a significant number of permanent positions being made available via competitive process.

          This will involve two separate types of recruitment competition, namely:
          1. Restricted: It has been decided at national level that positions in Asset Management, Operations and Maintenance, and Capital Delivery are to be advertised in the first instance to employees of the three partner organisations (i.e. Local Authorities, Bord Gáis and the DOECLG). Where positions remain unfilled following this process, public advertisements will then be placed.
          2. Open: All other roles in the new organisation will continue to be publically advertised, with advance notice being provided to Local Authorities, Bord Gáis and the DOECLG to allow for these opportunities to be brought to the attention of staff.
          Roles will be required to be filled on a rolling basis from September 2013 to year end and successful candidates will be expected to take up duty within 4 weeks of being offered a position. You will be informed of available roles by email over the coming weeks.

          In addition, as per (deleted) email of 23rd July, to all LA HR Managers, you will also be aware that in relation to pensions the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has confirmed that existing local authority and Departmental staff that take up roles in Irish water “will have no less favourable retirement benefits than they are currently entitled to as a consequence”.

          The current roles being advertised are detailed in the documents attached which relate to ‘Open’ roles in the Human Resources area.

          We would appreciate if you could make your staff aware of the advertised roles in the attached documents for these permanent roles in the Irish Water Organisation.

          Thank you again for your continued support with the Irish Water recruitment effort.

          1. Spartacus

            Have you highlighted this email with BS, Scottser? It probably merits a separate post all to itself.

  6. Mickage

    The intern will also gain valuable experience in how exploitation of the unemployed works by having people essentially forced into unpaid employment with no real prospect of a job afterwards. They will also learn how their labour will be used for profit by their ’employer’ but that none of that will convert into a wage for the intern apart from a token €50 to get them to and from work.

  7. Mickage

    Welcome to modern day legalised slavery.

    Give people barely enough to survive and get themselves to a place of work, while making sure they have no disposable income to use for educating themselves out of the bottom of the labour force and adding to a slave shortage.

  8. Otis Blue

    Given that Denis is funding the stellar combo of O’Neill and Keane, surely we’re quits now?

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