We’ve Got Your Back Wheel




The Flyky Smart Wheel.

May put us out of ‘business’.

Kevin McGuinness writes:

It’s a disc that attaches to the rear wheel of a bike allowing the person to reach speeds of up to 20km/ph. It also has a device inside that tells you when your bike is on the move (once the app is downloaded) without you on it. You can then track where the bike is headed.
Great idea and could be very useful to some of the BS readers considering the level of theft these days.
The guys are currently looking for funding through KickStarter and have $216,000 (100,000 being their target) with 20 odd days left. Costs $550 which is a bit steep, but considering it tracks your bike (locks the wheel if stolen), lets you know if something is wrong with the wheel, charges your phone and powers lights all while giving your legs a rest…could be worth it…


Flyky Smart Wheel (Kickstarter)

15 thoughts on “We’ve Got Your Back Wheel

      1. Grouse

        Hah. In their defence, I guess they mean to reduce effort and, by extension, sweating for commute riders. But… bikes are already really efficient machines. If you need an assisted bike I suppose this is cool. My aunt gets great mileage out of hers. Is it over-simplistic to suggest that most people under 60 could use the full exercise?

        1. Gar

          Power assisted bicycles really are a solution to a problem that simply doesn’t exist for most people. Average speeds of 20kph are easily achieved for most commuters and effective use of gearing obviates the problem of profuse sweating.

          For those who are either aged or infirm it does represent an excellent solution but none of the hip young go getters in that video have any need for it.

          1. Spartacus

            Developing your argument to its conclusion, fit and healthy humans have little need for any form of mechanised transport. That’s cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, boats and aircraft gone, so.

  1. diddy

    Whats the point in cycling if you dont get a work out out of it? I cycle for leisure and commuting but also to burn off a few cals.. this would be too easy.

      1. zulutango

        it’s often quicker and usually less hassle to cycle in cities, especially over short distances. I can see this being useful for a lot of people.

  2. Byzantium

    Ufff my heavy fixie is a bit burdensome to cycle around NYC . Better put on a huge dinner plate sized battery pack containing 28 D-Cell batteries.

  3. Spartacus

    Packaging the entire power system like that is an interesting design concept. I don’t see the pedal crank sensors or any form of “throttle” – how do they control power assist levels, I wonder? $550 isn’t out of order by any means. A typical currently available retrofit kit (without the iPhone interface or GPS tracking facility) retails at about €500 ($675), that’s with street legal motor 250W and a 360Wh battery pack.

  4. 8den

    Locks the back wheel if stolen, so the thief just fupps the bike into the canal if you find out they stole it. Money well spent so.

  5. KIORA

    And what happens when the just remove the back wheel and rob rest of bike…. is common practise already…..

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