Meanwhile, In Mallow


jobridgeYou’ll get to work with plants, dude.

Squid Limerick writes:

Park West Flowers in Mallow using to find a delivery person…


Delivery Driver, Mallow (JobBridge)



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    1. cluster

      The issue is that this is a relatively low-level job for which a wage should be paid and on-the-job training carried out.

      There may be an argument that govt-subsidised internships are a reasonable measure for jobs requiring a greater level of specialised experience or with a clear longer-term financial pay-off.

      But ‘organising delivery’ in a florists?
      No, absolutely not. This is merely free labour for a small-minded local business.

      These kinds of posts make a complete nonsense of the supposed purpose of JobBridge.

    2. well

      Clearly the job already requires things such as local knowledge etc The people doing this should be getting wages, not the dole +50.

      This truly is taking a job from someone they could pay to do this.

    3. Fecks11

      Idiots like you are the problem Bar, Delivering flowers for a Florist is part of the necessary running of a business you do not need to employ slave labour to deliver flowers, this florist is abusing the chance for people to get a career in floristry and instead looking upon it as a means of getting cheap labour, but fools like you can’t see things for what they are and thats why the country is ruined.

      1. Inopro

        many people should be getting a wage instead of this waste of an employment helltrap. doesnt mean its gonna happen any time soon though and you got yourself to blame, electorate!

      1. Nugget

        Not really. Some of them are awful but now it looks like people are bashing everything they do. I spent 4 years in university and was unemployed for 18 months. During that time I went on a FAS work placement program, which was essentially JobBridge except I didn’t even get the extra 50 euro. Sure, it was a bit of a mess but it did lead to me getting a very good, well paid job. Being in that situation isn’t ideal but shut up and get on with it

        1. Aretheymyfeet

          Yep, I’d say this job where ya learn about complex procedures and theories such as delivery routes for flower vans and also recording these deliveries on a computer system is definitely sure to be a gateway to a very good, very well paid job like yours. Job Bridge should be for jobs which require a period of apprenticeship or learning. F**k sake, I could go in and do delivery routes now with no training. Not rocket science. There are loads of companies who have a job that needs doing, and adds value to the business and therefore should be paid appropriately for but these cheap knackers want free labor so all the extra money goes in their pocket. For every Job Bridge cheat there is a person still on the dole who should be in full employment.

        2. Aretheymyfeet

          Also, very easy for you to say shut up and get on with it when you have your ‘very good, well paid job.’ This is a not very good, not very well paid job.

        3. cluster

          Stupid JobBridge posts like this one ruin the repuation of the scheme.

          Until they start policing it, these posts should keep coming.

      2. Bar

        Someone that has been unemployed long term might be delighted for the opportunity to do this job with the potential to be kept on fulltime after it.

        They aren’t forcing people at gun point to do a job. If no one wants to do it then no one will apply for it.

        1. Aretheymyfeet

          Missing the point altogether. This allows companies who would otherwise have to employ someone on at least minimum wage (taking them off the Social Welfare) and allows them to employ them for no cost to the employer. Therefore, employer gets free worker, keeps all profits for themselves, under no obligation for job to lead anywhere and employee gets crap job with crap pay (where otherwise would have to be minimum wage role at least) whilst tax payer continues to foot the bill.

        2. squidlimerick

          No one is forcing you to take up a jobbridge, but if the DoSP sent you a letter informing you of this internship and you turn it down it will be seen as disengaging with them, then you get hit with cut to what ever you are being paid.

    1. Aretheymyfeet

      Exactly, the take-away job shouldn’t be up there either. If a take-away requires extra staff they obviously have enough business to require it. Therefore, that business should provide the income to pay said person. If it doesn’t, the role doesn’t add value and therefore should not exist at all.

  1. Dufresne2012

    There should be a rule that everyone that gives out about posts should have to submit a post/story that they think is interesting enough to be worthy of uploading

          1. Dufresne2012

            10 things that insects do that you probably believed but are actually myths that will blow your mind!

            I’m getting bored of Buzz

    1. cluster

      Like the idea, Dufresne2012.

      And no, Doo Wah Diddy, Buzzfeed is pure crap. I only ever find myself on there late at night when I should be tucked up in bed but instead have exhausted all the rest of the internet. Seeing myself type into the address bar only adds to the self-loathing.

  2. ahjayzis

    Who is screening these things?!

    Bang up job! I assume the mentor will be in the van at all times mentoring the intern, right?

    1. Captain Obvious

      Absolutely…clipboard in hand..ticking boxes and such like…
      Of course not! …what did people expect with job bridge?? …seriously though if I was on the dole and I got a chance to drive a van around delivering flowers instead of sitting on my h*le watching Jeremy Kyle I’d jump at it….far more healthy and productive way to spend your time until you get a job you really want…

      1. Aretheymyfeet

        Nah, If all I was getting was the dole and didn’t want to sit on my arse I’d prefer to work for free for a charity and do some good rather than lining some cheap w***kers pockets.

      2. cluster

        Doing such a job is definitely better than sitting on your hole, however we have minimum wage legislation for a reason and this is a grubby little businessman trying to increase his profits.

  3. Lazykow

    Everyday they post a scambridge and everyday comments appear “what is the problem”
    The problem is as outlined each AND EVERYDAY IS:

    The aim of the National Internship Scheme is to assist in breaking the cycle where jobseekers are unable to get a job without experience, either as new entrants to the labour market after education or training or as unemployed workers wishing to learn new skills. The Scheme will also give people a real opportunity to gain valuable experience to bridge the gap between study and the beginning of their working lives.

    Being a driver for Interflora for an extra 50 quid a week will NOT offer “a real opportunity to gain valuable experience”

  4. ___

    Yes they are a bit tiresome, but that just shows how much the scheme is being abused.

    This example is wrong because:

    1. It breaks the rules because it’s not a novel position. ie. it’s an existing position that would otherwise go to a paid employee. Thus, the scheme is keeping someone out of employment.

    2. Because there is no real learning involved. What’s the point in doing an internship for an unskilled position?All an unskilled intership teaches a person is how to work in an individual company. If there’s no real transferable skills then the taxpayer doesn’t benefit by having a more skilled worker at the end, only the company who should have paid for the training. With no obligation to hire the person afterwards, this probably just means a few months of cheap labour.

    1. scottser

      true for ya. and it’s set up that the position above will probably go to someone who already has the necessary experience.

  5. Riz

    Jobbridge is a farce, a convenient tool to help the government fiddle the employment figures when they need to. I think it’s great Broadsheet post these bizarre and daft jobbridge postings – these employers should be ashamed of themselves. If Jobbridge didn’t exist they would either (a) not be looking for employees or (b) would pay proper salaries to people for the work they are asking to do. I run my own business, there’s three of us. I’d never use Jobbridge, it’s a steaming pile of sh1t3.

    1. Aretheymyfeet

      Its only convenient for the government to show they have done something about employment (flawed as it is) but surely the fact these people remain on the live register and social welfare where in many cases full employment would have been provided for the role hardly helps the governments figures?

  6. Riz

    Agreed, “governemnt employment figures” is the wrong term to use, I more meant the spin that accompanies stats from Jobbridge are what really irk me. The government often say things like “58% of Jobbridger’s seek employment after completing their ‘internship'”. But 38% of all Jobbridgers never finish the ‘jobs’ they have been given. This is one example, there are umpteen examples of this. ( I can’t get my head around how anyone benefits from a job delivering flowers when 5 years ago the company would have just paid someone 30k a year to do it. Now employeers have a fasttracked, legal way to get people to work for beans.

  7. moccyfondoo

    This banana republic is turning into a Kafkaesque nightmare.
    Greedy professional politicians resorting to any means to manipulate jobless figures in order to minimise them, & thereby stay in power.
    – disgrace…

  8. squidlimerick

    This ad has since been replaced with a new one, new reference number, new title, (Driver B License) and with Park West Flowers address removed from the contact info. it is the same ad though

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