brutoncoveneyWe’re sorry that good-looking people like us made you throw up and feel bad about yourself 

FG Ministers Richard Bruton and Simon Coveney walk-off  at an “Oireachtas Charity Fashion Show last night.

15 thoughts on “Boolander

  1. Tom Joad

    The event raised over €40,000 for motor neurone research. That is good. Doesn’t make me want to throw up as the caption might suggest.

    1. SOMK

      Yep the government that is callously slashing millions in care supports for the most vulnerable to keep their friends in big houses did a little PR stunt on stage yesterday, raised a piffling 40,000 grand and now they get to pretend they care about ‘good causes’?

      Pass the bucket and keep another on standby.

      1. Tom Joad

        I’m sure they all went back to one of their rich friend’s big houses after the show and had a good old laugh about how they are screwing the most vulnerable before morphing into vultures and flying home. Scumbags they are.

        1. Minder

          You honestly believe that politicans who have to make these shitty decisions enjoy it? You are a moron.

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