Shot Down In Ballsbridge


0058(The proposed design for the John F Kennedy Memorial Hall, Beggar’s Bush, Ballsbridge, Dublin by Raymond McGrath lead architect at the Office of Public Works)

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

The design for John F Kennedy Memorial Hall, a national concert hall to be situated at Beggar’s Bush, Ballsbridge, Dublin. It was to consist of a 20 storey tower, fronting a reflecting pool and flanked by lower office blocks, containing seating for 2000 people.
Plans were dropped in the late 60s, post Chappaquiddick, although rivalry among Dublin architects, rather than concern at the tarnishing of the Kennedy legacy, was probably the contributing factor. The original plans for the hall are apparently still up on the wall of Ryan’s Pub, Beggar’s Bush…


Pic via Archiseek

9 thoughts on “Shot Down In Ballsbridge

  1. Salmon of Nollaig

    Sheesh, I could have sworn I heard yesterday you were going to give up commenting on Broadsheet?

  2. Joe835

    Ah, that old trick of just showing the building without any context i.e. surrounding buildings that could make it look awkward or ungainly.

    Still, it took decades for them to build the Convention Centre in the end…

  3. Kieran

    Heh. Falls apart due to petty rivalries rather than a reasoned debate and informed decision not to go ahead.

    Typical Ireland.

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