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A rather charming stop-motion video of Italian toymaker Rosario Calandra at work by Michael Dunlea who sez:

Rosario Calandra from Ventrytoy playfully shows us how he makes just one of his vast collection of 100% Irish handmade wooden toys, “The Bremen Town Musicians”. The video hopefully highlights just how labour intensive it is to make these toys which are unique in design and are made to last. Rosario hails from Sicily but has settled in Ventry village (Ceann Trá) in county Kerry in the West of Ireland. This video will be used to promote Ventrytoy at the upcoming National Crafts and Design Fair 2013 (4th – 8th December) in the RDS, Dublin, Ireland.

(Thanks Michael)

12 thoughts on “The Toymaker

  1. TK ickle

    Dear BS HQ peeps,

    Perhaps consider not deleting articles just because they were “fake”?

    It is hardly the end of the world and some of them do have good, slightly interesting and quite meandering banter in them.


    1. Pedanto

      I agree. It’s all part of the fun. I don’t like to think of poor Chompsky in the jacks punching holes in the hand-dryer. “A cheese sandwich. They got me with a goddam cheese sandwich.”

      1. Mani

        I look forward to bs commenters taking this to the next obvious level and start solving cold cases for the gardai.

    2. Mikeyfex

      indeed. there were also some interesting, accusatory comments on the missing doggums deleted earlier. different issue maybe and maybe they were unfounded but I’ll never know now cos they’re gone.

      I’ll just have to get on with my Sunday I suppose.


      1. TK ickle

        Now that you mention it, I have a brief and somewhat hazy recollection from last night of “accusatory comments” as you so put it, in that article.

        And a sandwich thing is here, again. Did it ever leave?

        This is some X-files malarkey, right here :/

  2. Spartacus

    Superb video, I’m delighted to see such a worthwhile craft business doing well. Success in jumping through the hoops to comply with EN71 is admirable in itself!

  3. Michael

    @ TK ickle – The above comments have nothing to do with the “Toymaker” article. Maybe that’s why comments were deleted. Please posts in the correct place.

  4. Johan Bergman

    A great fun video, my kids liked it too. Must have taken a while, I tried to make one before and only got three seconds after one hour.

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