Simon Beck: Snartist


simonbeck14 simonbeck13 simonbeck12 simonbeck11 simonbeck9 simonbeck7 simonbeck6simonbeck5Every year, British artist and engineer Simon Beck embarks on a large scale art project – tromping through the pristine snow near his home at Les Arcs ski resort in France – creating elaborate geometric patterns much to the delight of ski-lift passengers dangling nearby.

A new winter season approaches. This sequence of photographs was taken earlier this year before the snow melted.

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6 thoughts on “Simon Beck: Snartist

  1. Neilo

    Snow coverage in the Alps not great so far, I believe. Hope Simon can work his magic this winter – heading to Austria in one month from today. There’d better be sneachta!

  2. James

    I did something like this years ago. Would like to attempt something on this scale but I am afraid I would just get cold feet!


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