Bargains To Die For



A Reuters correspondent reports in the Ottawa Citizen about Newry’s cross-border Christmas shopping boom top, while RTE’s Joe O’Brien visits Jonesboro, Co. Armagh, (above), from December 1986.

Good times.

Via Conflict NI

7 thoughts on “Bargains To Die For

        1. ivan

          You were allowed import £150 in total per visit, but no item could exceed £50. Also there was a limit on how much booze/fags you could bring down. I think it was a litre bottle per adult, or two bottles of wine.

      1. Anne

        You see? That is a sign of good tough engineering – video players that could be sat on. These modern blu-ray players skip if you sneeze in their general direction. No robustness at all!

  1. shitferbrains

    Stood in front of Devlins shed – the red one at the beginning of the Jonesboro vid – and sold apples.

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