[Leo Varadkar during the Hell and Back event in Wicklow last year]


Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar said the €50 million “seems extraordinary” and more detail was needed.

Irish Water Faces Criticism Over 50 Million Spend (irish Times, Saturday)


Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has backed Irish Water, commenting that “in time” people will see the benefits of the new authority.

Varadkar: People Will See Benefits Of Irish Water (Irish Times, today)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)

13 thoughts on “Muddy Two-Faced

  1. David

    So he has now gotten more information on the €50m spend and no longer sees it as extraordinary….

    “When the facts change, I change my mind” – John Maynard Keynes

    1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

      Why not wait til he got more information before jumping the gun & calling it “extraordinary” then?

      Are you saying it’s OK to shoot your mouth off, as long as you later find out the facts & apologise if required?

      He got a rap on the knuckles from head office – end of.

  2. Zynks

    That is one of the reasons to make me vote for independent candidates: they are more likely to be consistent without party whips and internal hierarchy.

  3. deliverancecountry

    Just for the laugh, how many hundred thousand hours of consultancy do you get for €50 million?

    1. Zynks

      Good point.

      Suppose a fee of €1000 per day, at 250 working days a year, that would be 200 man-years.

  4. grumpyoldman

    Irish Water was set up as a subsidiary of Bord Gais because they were a similar Utility Company with Customer Service, Billing and Collection, Underground Infrastructure, IT Systems, HR, Fleet & Equipment etc. and these facets would be transferrable to the new Utility.
    Instead they farm it out to Consultants. Good old Irish approach so that they can blame others when things go down the drain,

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