Animation: Sintel



A rather excellent 2010 CG animation about a girl and her dragon directed by Colin Levy and created using the free open source Blender animation software.

It will reward 15 minutes of your time.


4 thoughts on “Animation: Sintel

  1. Mikeyfex

    Blender is fantastic and it gets better and better. Maya, the industry-standard programme would set you back a few G’s to buy so if you’re interested in this it will give you great transferable knowledge. It’s what got me started thanks to this guy

    It’s also starting to be taught as part of the Coderdojo curriculum for kids – they don’t know they’re born.

      1. Mikeyfex

        They all have terrible UI’s. But Blender was pretty, pretty….pretty bad alright.

        Andrew Price, the Blenderguru himself is currently on a crusade to improve the UI and he’s being listened to so hopefully the next few revs will see more improvements. For a free software package that does it all from camera tracking to HQ rendering I have few complaints.

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