Miss Panti Goes To Europe



Paul Murphy MEP, speaking under parliamentary privilege in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today discussed homophobia and named names.

“Like the other MEPs, I have been inundated with emails claiming that this report represents an attack on the freedom of speech – because it condemns homophobia. It is deeply ironic because in Ireland at the moment, you have a real attack on the freedom of speech.

National broadcaster, RTE, has censored Rory O’Neill for calling out homophobia, even worse than that, it has paid out 85,000 euros reportedly in damages to those accused of homophobia.

It’s an attack by the right wing conservative forces in Ireland, acceded to by RTE, designed to censor debate in advance of a likely referendum on marriage equality. We must refuse to be silenced.

When John Waters says that gay marriage is ‘a kind of satire’, that is homophobia.

When Breda O’Brien says ‘equality must take second place to the common good’, that is homophobia.

When the Iona Institute campaign against gay marriage because it is gay marriage, that is homophobia.

In the words of Rory O’Neill, these people should get the hell out of our lives.”

Not going away.

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Currently at 55,000 views on YouTube, Panti’s Noble Call video is kind of a big deal.

The original facebook video has over 7,000 views.

Textbook Streisand effect, in fairness.

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57 thoughts on “Miss Panti Goes To Europe

    1. Moan

      Fair? Hollow.

      Hadn’t read what John Waters said before, but in this instance he’s dead right
      “Gay marriage” is a sad satire of real life.
      Now, the lot of ye, get back in your closets and shut up.

        1. Moan

          Sarcastic or “homophobic” ?
          Well I’m not being sarcastic and the word “homophobic” is just makey-uppy nonsense, so the answer is neither.

      1. Moan

        Censoring individual words is slightly better than delegating whole posts I guess.
        So the word “balls” is acceptable from the first poster, but the word “bollox” isn’t.

  1. hullo

    Well said, and well deserving of applause. How much will broadsheet have to pay in damages for posting the video!?

    1. Sidewinder

      YouTube are hosting the video. I wonder if they’ll take that one down…but then if it’s protected under parliamentary privilege.

      Either way I’d like to see Paul Murphy say the same thing on the streets of Dublin where he’s not protected.

          1. Rita

            He was at the LGBT Noise protest in Dublin on Sunday. He will be back in Dublin on the days the European Parliament doesn’t sit.

          2. Sidewinder

            Yes but the point I’m making is – is he legally protected because he’s saying it in another jurisdiction?

            He was legally protected already by parliamentary privilege and fair play for waiving it but it’s not as bold a gesture as some are making out if he’s legally untouchable.

          3. Scabby Rabbit

            No, he waived his parliamentary privilege and has released a statement and tweeted including the names of said homophobes. They are free to pursue him legally if they so wish.

  2. Michael

    I do some of Paul’s media work and I can say that parliamentary privilege has been waived by Paul. We have released to the media a transcript of the speech and have restated everything on social media

  3. Blah

    Paul Murphy, the South Dublin socialist who went to private school, will no doubt get some good publicity from this.

    If this does lead to a court case, I wonder if his Da will offer to pay some of the costs.

    1. Tom

      So I can’t tell, do you disagree with his comments because of his background, or because you disagree with his point? Or both? Or do you agree with his comments but wish someone else in the EU had said them?

      1. Blah

        I’m building it up. It’s all about timing.

        I’m crafting a grand plan, you see. I start off dismissing his character. Then I let him know that I think his ma smells of elderberries. Then I work in a jibe about the receding hairline, followed by a quick one-two about his ill-fitting suit.

        Then we start working in how he was not directly elected to his position, and so who the hell is he to talk about getting the hell out of our lives. He holds a “democratic” position off the back of quaint European bureaucracy. Should RTE give him equal broadcast coverage of conventionally elected politicians, or should they discount him somewhat? Would he be on his censorship bandwagon then?

        Then, for a grand finale, I would link this all back to Broadsheet. Broadsheet, the fine paragon of equal representation and free speech that it is, that is known throughout the interwebs for its fair and unbiased depiction of all things political and social. And how Broadsheet is shining a light for Irish media on the importance of real democratic processes, despite it not adhering to the laws that apply to traditional media. And how Broadsheet, and Lars Biscuits in particular, scholars all, are so quick to claim the moral high ground on freedom of expression, and the right to criticise political opponents, and thus they would never in their wildest dreams ever censor any commenters. Or put previously auto-approved commenters back into the moderation queue after they criticise Broadsheet’s editorial biases. No, they would never do that. The irony would make the internet fupping explode.

        But really this build-up I had been planning is all about calling Paul Murphy a bit of a git.

        1. Shorty

          You know, many democratic countries in Europe work on a list system, it doesn’t make them any less democratic. But in lieu of a hug, carry on with the fallacies, whatever makes you feel good and helps in these dark times you’re going through.

    2. cluster

      Any socialist movement needs to gain the support of the middle class & many of the most successful socialist/social democratic movements have been led by middle-class people.

      I personally am not a big fan of Murphy but this is such a strange sneer to make about any politician – akin to FDR being labelled a ‘traitor to his class’.

  4. Pablo

    Three months ago I was sure the marriage equality referendum would pass easily. Now I’m not so sure.

    People want an open debate and branding everyone on one side a homophobe means that’s unlikely. In the past the people have rejected changes to the constitution if they feel it’s being railroaded through and I fear that’s likely to happen again in this case.

    1. Am I Still on this Island

      I have been saying that for ages sadly I don’t think it will carry a lot of closet backward voters still out there sadly.

      Rory is wrong that Ireland is quicker to progress, it’s not there is a core but small group of people who are progressing they rest are stuck with catholic repression and out dated views

      1. Moan

        Nothing to do with Catholic repression or any other sort of repression.
        Just don’t want perverts dictating to society and spreading their filth.
        (And no, I’m not Catholic, or religious in any way)

        1. Mick Flavin


          *Straps on guitar*


          “Let me troll it, let me troll it to you…”


          *Smashes guitar…walks off*

        2. well

          “Just don’t want perverts dictating to society and spreading their filth.”

          Thats why i want the Church out.

      1. Tom

        A right to reply is not the same as an apology. RTE (Brendan) should not have instigated the so called “naming names”. In a defamation case, its not up to the offended to defend themselves, its up to the accuser to prove its fair comment. They were quite right not to take up the right of reply.

  5. Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    I wonder if there were a load of confused Europeans sitting there, wondering ‘who dafuq is John Waters?’

    Either way, fair play to him for waiving his parliamentary privilege and refusing to let this drop. It will be interesting to see the fallout.

    1. Pedanto

      Particularly weird for the film buffs. They’ve all gone home to parse Hairspray for mixed messages.

  6. Tom

    All this talk of homophobia is just an attempt by the LGBT crowd to coerce those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman into giving in to their demands. Well some of us are smarter than that. This campaign will backfire yet! Just because people disagree with my beliefs does not deny me the right to believe it

    1. Karl Monaghan

      Nobody is denying you the right to believe it.

      A change in the law won’t take that right away from you.

      What you don’t have the right to is imposing that belief on others.

  7. irishelectionliterature

    Fair play to him and on the times I’ve seen him both in person and in clips he’s a very impressive speaker. Still it is also a very clever move on Paul Murphys part.
    European Elections are on…. nothing better to raise ones profile and popularity than being dragged through the courts by the Iona Institute……

  8. B Bop

    Well done this man for spreading this outcry to the European Parliament…the democracies need to see our little democracy is flawed in defending ultra conservatives over a simple fact-“Marriage for All”…there’s a feeling of an almost Russian censorship abounding with the disgusting payout & apologies etc.

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