The Senator Strikes Back



Senator David Norris called for a debate on homophobia in the Seanad today.

Speaking under Oireachtas privilege the senator pulled no punches.

No one was safe.

78 thoughts on “The Senator Strikes Back

  1. ReproBertie

    It could be argued that this sort of coverage and highlighting of the inate homophobia in Irish society is worth the €85K payout that stirred it.

    1. fits

      agreed. I am glad all this has come to light. I hope some scrutiny will come to bear on Iona ‘Institute’ as a result

      1. orla

        Proper Order! Where do they get their money? What are their connections? How are they allowed Charity status in the ROI?

      2. scottser

        it’s inevitable. if you follow the money from iona institute, or any of these ‘think-tanks’ and ‘advocacy networks’ you’ll find they’re investing in something sleazy. sure, didn’t the vatican bank invest in and make a fortune off serono, who made the contraceptive pill..

          1. Trapper

            Cheers “Click Here”. Oi! BS, when can we get an Edit/Delete button to stop *some* of us looking like fools!?!?

  2. Napper Tandy

    Latest man severely beats and threatens to kill woman but gets light sentence:

    Ralph Currivan

    Is it coz I is middle class company director?

    1. Pedanto

      Or because he was full of remorse, had no history of violence, didn’t contest the charges, and tried to kill himself that same night? He got three years too (with sixteen months suspended). It’s not nothing.

      Not really worth changing the subject for, I think.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    Standard fare from Norris. Nothing remarkable, you need to see him in action more often, he’s merely getting into his stride.

  4. Ms Piggy

    It’ll be interesting to see where else – if anywhere – this is reported. I predict dead silence from the Irish Times and RTE, of course :-)

    1. Pedanto

      Fintan O’Toole did a piece on the affair this morning, which was not the first coverage in the Times. The Saturday Night Show covered it. So did Late Date. It’s hardly a news blackout.

      1. Ms Piggy

        The Irish Times have so far published 3 opinion columns (one by Breda herself) referring to it, and one short piece on the demo on Sunday (in which they estimated the attendance to be only 750, by comparison to RTE’s own estimate of 2000). But not a single news item covering the original event, the apology, the payout, the questions on the floor of the Dail, the Senate and the European Parliament. Indeed, a hypothetical Irish Times reader who didn’t get their news from any other source probably wouldn’t be able to understand what the 3 opinion columns were about. None of the major news outlets (sorry BS!) have covered this story well, but that the Irish Times’ coverage is significantly behind even RTE’s is bizarre.

    1. Pedanto

      His ludicrous ego has certainly bounced back. “Where were they when I was being crucified?” Really?

      1. Blonto

        Think his point is that homosexuality was only deciminalised in 1993, so up until then things were a bit ropey for gay people in Ireland.
        Think about it for a minute.

          1. Pippy

            I’m fairly sure he’s referring to Norris -v- Ireland, the landmark case in the European Court of Human Rights that overruled the horrific High Court judgment (has to be read to be believed) and the Supreme Court judgment, upholding the decriminalisation of homosexuality by the Irish State. Norris, if nothing else, is a hero for standing up for gay people long before it was acceptable to be publicly gay.

  5. Pedanto

    The more I think about it, the more I think ReproBertie has it right up there. This is the best possible outcome.

    As for RTE paying damages, I think we may all have been too harsh on them. Do we really think an Irish court would have found that opposition to gay marriage is inherently homophobic?

    1. trobuff

      I think you’re being too harsh on the courts. There are many voices in the legal sphere which say that the defence of honest opinion, qualified by Rory O’Neill by his own view of what homophobia means, would have held that he had a right to state that view.

      A possible reasoning behind RTE’s payout was fear of slogging on in the courts for more than a year, potentially costing much much more, without guarantee of recouping legal costs. It is, however, undeniably depressing if that’s the case: the national broadcaster not be able to afford to defend itself against these people, the ‘injured parties’.

      1. Pedanto

        I genuinely don’t know what you mean. Which part are you disagreeing with? What do you think about it?

  6. Advertising On Police Cars

    Senator Norris: The One trick ‘I am Gay Hear Me Roar’ Senator, does he ever get as involved in ANYTHING beyond flying the rainbow flag? ( well besides being gay and promoting all things related to James Joyce?)

    1. Richard

      “Hetrophobia” – A made-up phobia used by assorted right-wing and reactionary groups to justify their homophobic, conservative views.

      See also “Strawman”.

      1. Richard

        …See also “Culture War”
        …See also “War on Christmas”
        …See also “defence of traditional values”
        …See also ….

    2. Pedanto

      Flapside: buttery jujubes. discus.

      Your movre, bubblesaroundtheedges – if that even is your name.

      1. bubblesaroundtheedges

        yeah its artifical alright, no doubt. just threw it out there, saw it on an american site (right wing nuts i think) buttery jujubes way too good for me. i bow to you. exit stage left.

  7. Richard

    I have decided to write a new dictionary and for the definition of “backfire” I have just decided to include the “Iona Institute”.

  8. time to go home

    bill hicks on gays in the military: “anyone, DUMB enough to want to be in the military……”

  9. Koya

    Would be even better if Youtube comments were not disabled.

    Let the homophobes, or whomever you fear, show themselves.

  10. nellyb

    it sounds Dan Brown-esque – found it on, if not true – fits a good script for series. Enjoy! :-)
    “There is a very real group of Christian Fundamentalist operators working in Ireland. These people despise the whole European project and would have us living back in feudal times given half the chance.
    Sitting on the Board of directors of the Iona institute are Sean Ascough, Tom Ascough and Maeve Kelleher.
    Tom Ascough’s wife Jacki is a writer for Catholic Right Wing rag ALIVE. While Deirdre Ascough sister to Tom and Sean is married to Damian Erbgraf v Schinbom-Buchheim.
    Damian E v S-B! is decended from Charlemange on his father’s side and the French monarchy on his mothers. His mother is Princess Isabelle d’Orléans, a Bourbon decendent once holding the title princess of France. As eldest son, Damien, could in theory become a pretender to the French throne should it still exist.
    Their backgrounds place them at the centre of fundamentalist Catholic group with monarchist ambitions in Europe.
    All of the above have given their support were at meetings in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin with Viscount Phillipe de Villiers of the Vendee, the centre of the counter revolution in France. Villers was the only MEP elected on the Libertas ticket.
    De Villier is a far right French fundamentalist Catholic who believes in monarchical rule. He too is a descendent of the House D’Orlean. An Ancestor was Philippe II, Duke of Orléans (born 2 August 1674(1674-08-02) Château de Saint-Cloud, Saint-Cloud, FranceDied 2 December 1723) “

  11. Tomboktu

    There is still (well, was two weeks ago when I last passed that way) stencilled graffiti in West Dublin in three places from the time of the Presidential election that shows a teddy bear and has the slogan “Pedobear Loves Norris”. Funnily, South Dublin Council has painted over or cleaned other grafitti in the areas concerned but not these.

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