Won’t Someone Think Of Grandad?



Energia’s ‘outsourcing grandad’ ad.

Harmless fun.

Or flagrantly divisive ‘auld fella’ bashing….

Senator Marie Maloney in the Seanad today.


30 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Think Of Grandad?

  1. Bacchus

    I believe she’s outsourced her sense of humour. Seanad contributions like that are demeaning to our democracy but I suppose it’ll give her something to “highlight” in the church grounds after mass on Sunday.

    1. Mark G

      Actually it looks like she is smiling when she is describing what happens in the ad. If you look at about the 18 second mark to 21 second mark.

  2. bisted

    * copied and pasted from earlier on…
    bisted February 5, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    …to think we considered abolishing this.

    1. Bacchus

      cheap shot. That debate is old, You’re picking on a Seanad bottom feeder to argue a case you’ve already lost.

      1. Panty Christ

        Broadsheet could have a second page dedicated to the Seanad. The senate that just keeps on giving. A hat trick of dumb from the pensioners today.

        1. munkifisht

          First up, the Seanad was where the issue of HomaIonaPhobaGate was rasied via Avril Power and then highlighted by D Norris the next day.

          Second, the seanad reform is finally in the pipeline after years of dilly dallying by TDs and soon everyone will be allowed to vote in them, quite rightly.

          Finally, the major issue the most gormless man in the world Enda Kenny raised when he tried to vilify the Seanad to distract from his own governments failings was that it cost too much, €20 million a year, a figure no one could verify and seemed to be pulled from deep dark crevice somewhere in his pants. Well compare that to the failings of the Lower house, we paid €70m hosting the EU presidency last year, twice what the Danes paid.

  3. CousinJack

    Iwelcome the outsourcing of grandparents, and look forward to the opportunity to go to the market for better models than the ones currently servicing my childrens grandparent needs

      1. Bacchus

        they’re actually really stupid ads. The agency has little to be proud of there. And no… it’s not a success because we’re talking about it.

  4. JimmymacGringle

    Looks it’s clear the folk in the Seanad are obviously having a competition to see who can say the stupidest thing today.

    In fairness you have to give credit to Ronan and Jim for winning when they weren’t even told about the competition.

  5. grumpyoldman

    Jay5us, have we lost the plot? I’m a Grandad and I find the ad slightly amusing but certainly not offensive.
    If this is a serious issue for senate debate I’m sorry I voted to retain it.

    1. munkifisht

      Why write Jay5us and not jaysus, is this a bad word, is Jesus, or God, or Holy sh!tting christ on a lepper dog? (actually, that last one might be a touche risque)

  6. McMacalot

    Next order of business: I heard a joke the other day about a chicken crossing a road, and I think it’s demeaning to chickens to have their motivation questioned in this manner.

  7. Tommy Swinburne

    That politician should be outsourced to Siberia. Maddddddd and the fact people are talking about it is probably just what they wanted

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