18 thoughts on “Beyond His Ken

  1. Raskolnikov

    This comes as no surprise whatsoever given the way the judge summed up the case for the jury yesterday.

    1. Stephen

      The judge actually summed up over two days. Yesterday he dealt with the defense. The day before was the prosecution.

    1. Ron

      Justice has been done!

      During the trial the prosecution offered no evidence on one of two counts of indecent assault, relating to one complainant, as she had “no actual memory of the episode”.
      The husband of one complainant, whose sister was also allegedly abused, contacted the papers before the police.

      They have destroyed that mans life!

      1. Bob

        You’re assuming he’s innocent. All we have is a courts findings. He may very well be guilty, but gotten away with it. We’ll never know. That’s the point of Bingo Slimz post.

        1. Eoin

          And there’s the problem. He’s been found innocent but that’s not good enough for some. There will always be some that will believe that he did it even if he’s 100 percent innocent. It wouldn’t matter what evidence was produced. Classic old Ireland attitude.

        1. SBY

          “No, not quite, but and yet I am, because everything that happens to us has been a result of what we have been in previous lives or whatever”.

          No, yes, whatever. In fairness, he’s not sure what’s what anymore.

  2. ferg

    This raises serious questions about how these kinds of cases are handled. How can someone find themselves plastered on the front pages of the tabloids as if guilty before their trial?

    1. Napper Tandy

      People want gutter thrash newspapers and simplistic addictive TV soaps. They get what they ask for.

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