“He’ll Go After You”



In the Dáil yesterday, during the second stage of the Protected Disclosures Bill 2012, Independent TD Mick Wallace read into record sections from a transcript between Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe and the Garda Confidential Recipient, Oliver Connolly.

The conversation between Sgt McCabe and Mr Connolly took place two years ago.

Mick Wallace: “It is frightening. Just to read two lines from it: ‘I tell you something, Maurice, and this is just personal advice to you, if [Justice Minister Alan] Shatter thinks you’re screwing him, you’re finished.’ Another line: ‘If Shatter thinks – ‘here’s this guy again, trying another route, trying to put pressure’ – he’ll go after you’. He’ll go after you? Our Minister for Justice? What is going on?”

Meanwhile, Sgt McCabe’s request to obtain a transcript of his private meeting with the Public Accounts Committee last week was discussed at a meeting of the PAC this morning.

And Daniel McConnell tweetz (read from bottom up):


Garda whistleblower wants copy of private penalty points testimony, but PAC unlikely to give it to him (Independent.ie)

32 thoughts on ““He’ll Go After You”

    1. Curmudgeon

      Common knowledge no? Also very disappointing re the release of the transcript. We didn’t get a public hearing and now the private one gets buried. Independent TDs doing the good work whilst the party members slate them so as to not upset their own. It’s gloomily predictable.

  1. PK

    Newsflash! Shane Ross is chasing headlines!

    this is the guys who spun the Maple10 Anglo scandal in a positive light

    In April 2008 Ross revealed that a group of Anglo customers were planning to launch a leveraged fund to buy Anglo shares in order to “squeeze” the Anglo “short sellers” whom Ross blamed for the collapse in the Anglo share price. Ross had been briefed by a member of the group and quoted him saying “We are going to teach the brokers and hedge funds that damaged the bank a salutary lesson… They will come out of this with their fingers burned”, the episode became known as the Maple 10 and cost Anglo and ultimately the taxpayer €451 million.

    Criticism of Bank of Ireland
    Prior to the Irish financial crisis he was a persistent critic of the performance of Bank of Ireland, of which he was a shareholder. He contrasted the conservative performance of the “establishment” Bank of Ireland with other financial institutions, notably Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS) and Anglo Irish Bank (Anglo) which he praised. In his Sunday Independent column he described Michael Fingleton’s Irish Nationwide as publishing “a cracking set of figures… he even leaves superstar Sean Fitzpatrick’s Anglo Irish standing”[28] ” and in another column dismissed shareholder critics of Fingleton, notably Brendan Burgess[29] and contrasted the small shareholder rebellions of Eircom, Smurfit and First Active with that of the INBS, whose CEO, he claimed “despite all his abrasiveness, was delivering small riches to them” ,[30] Ross dismissed the corporate governance concerns of Fingleton’s critics writing “for all his faults, has delivered the only thing that matters in business: profit”.[30] In his article on Pernod Ricard executive Richard Burrows’ appointment as the Governor of the Bank of Ireland Ross claimed it was mainly due to Burrows’ social status as a “toff” and criticized the bank for not even interviewing the “far too dynamic” Sean FitzPatrick, then CEO of Anglo Irish Bank. In 2007 Ross praised Sean Quinn’s purchase of a stake in “anti-establishment Anglo Irish Bank” and referred to Quinn as “this genius… [who] has combined being a champion of the customer with making a mint”, describing Quinn Direct as “the most successful insurance business in Ireland”.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Further to this news flash, its ok for Shane Ross to chase headlines because HE IS AN OPPOSITION POLITCIAN and THESE HEADLINES INFORM THE PEOPLE of STUFF THAT THEY PROBABLY WOULD NOT KNOW OTHERWISE.

      Also, none of the rest of that stuff has any bearing on this
      Also the text you quoted on Maple10 doesn’t support the point you made.
      Also, nobody knew how buggered Anglo and IN were at that time, which is the actual point of the whole Anglo/Nationwide mess. Nobody knew because the exeutives were playing sillybuggers. This is kind of why the trial is on now.

  2. JC27

    Has anyone noticed that Mick Wallace bears a passing resemblance to a vagrant?

    Fellow Nuevo Atlantis residents might be reminded of the guy who minds the trolleys (and possibly sells Echoes) outside Merchant’s Quay shopping centre

    1. Salmon of Nollaig

      who cares? he’s not paid to look good. he’s paid to raise things like this.

      haven’t we had enough crooked politicians in suits?

      1. PK


        Just because he doesn’t wear a suit like those bankrupt developers. Or those VAT withholding scumbags. Or those crooked employers who don’t pay their employees’ pensions contributions.

        Oh, wait.

          1. PK

            when you lecture the rest of the world on socialism it’s a bit rich. Look at his bloody twitter feed

        1. I, Diddley

          What exactly is the difference between Mick Wallace and a bankrupt developer. Apart from suits like.

      2. JC27

        I’m actually a highly superficial person and did not even watch the video or read the scant accompanying text so that point is lost on me. not especially proud of this ignorance but i’m just here to comment on his appearance. also skbac, if he got some yellow on that shirt (i picture a mustard stain from a hotdog) it would be like a refreshing lemon and lime cocktail.

    1. Sgt. Bilko

      And in particular the dangers of crossing the one who appoints the very person doling out that warning.

  3. Trueblueterry

    Mick Wallace is a sham. How this man is still in the Dail after admitting to purposely not paying his VAT is beyond me. Anyone else is would have been locked up.

  4. steve white

    its not worth exposing corruption if it allows shane ross to get on the news its just not worth it

    1. Medium Sized C

      Your opinion of Wallace is irrelevant.
      Can you not see what this is about?
      People are threatening whistleblowers in the Minister for Justices’ stead.

      Get a damn clue, it doesn’t matter if Oliver Cromwell came back from the dead and said it inbetween verses of “No Surrender” while burning down primary schools filled to the brim with puppies, it is the message that is important.

      Lest we forget….jesus.

  5. Rep

    Mick Wallace is not 100% innocent so let us all ignore what he is saying here and just comment on that. And the fact that he is not wearing a suit. The person hired as a go-to for whistleblowers warning a whistleblowers that he is buggered if he goes through with it? Who cares, Wallace didn’t pay his taxes once so we should all just focus on that.

  6. Staples

    It will only be long after he is gone that we will find out the damage done by Shatter. An odious but dangerous little git.

  7. Jay

    That dude is an embarrassment – never mind what he is saying, the way is is saying it and the general scruffiness makes me wonder how did he even got to be elected there?

  8. Banjo

    I agree with what he says completely,
    He’s a bit of a scruffball alright, but no harm I guess..
    What I found funny is that he can’t pronounce Fine Gael!!

  9. The Alive Alive-o Institute

    Pretty serious stuff.
    Deeply worrying.
    Also: Is he not cold in that fetching lime number?

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