19 thoughts on “Driving Miss Uzi

      1. Wearnicehats

        Yep an old 1955 number plate. Who’d have thought there’d have been so much money in car parks

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I’d go with the Continental Flying Spur – the lights shape is different to the Mulsanne. These ones go to the edge of the rear fairing, whereas the Mulsanne’s have a distinct border

  1. mike

    Broadsheet, you normally go to efforts to obscure the reg of cars in photos. Sometimes, but not always, the cars drivers are being accused of doing something wrong.

    Yet you clearly highlight the reg of this car. Of course the story would be worthless without it.

    Double standards?

  2. sinabhfuil


    “It’s not like the news. Central Belfast feels as safe as houses, everything as clean and bright as a Hamley’s model. Even the occasional armoured Land-Rover that trundles past seems toy-like, with soldiers in Lego helmets, guns like plastic. Compared to what you’ve been led to expect, it’s frighteningly bland. Only in unexpected details is it sinister, like the white Rolls with the number-plate UZ1.”

    1. sinabhfuil



      UZ1, has been in private ownership by the same family since first released. Today, as ever, it is attached to a Rolls Royce. The family, McCauseland, own a taxi firm and airport car parking service, they started off in the car rental business trading under the same name.. They were our neighbours when I grew up. Famously, it was once attached to a pink RR, which was blown up whilst parked inside their business premises in the 70s.

      1 WZ has been on the Lord Mayor’s car since first released, and yes is on a BMW today.


      (By the same token, isn’t [year] D 1 every year the Lord Mayor’s car?)

      1. Napper Tandy

        Yep but that’s easily challenged. People assume it goes to the Mayor but they can’t defend that if challenged. He has no more right to it than anyone else.

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