Dublin’s Alternative Space Debate



[The pop-up playground Granby Park, Lower Dominick Street, Dublin last Summer]

The Banter/Living For The The City FIGHT discussion series is back next week.

Banter’s Jim Carroll writes:

In recent times, we’ve seen a huge growth in new venues and creative spaces in and around the city (Mabos and The Crypt, Granby Park, etc.). We’ve gathered together a number of people who are involved in these new initiatives to talk about how these spaces have come about, what they offer to creative projects, what’s the long-run prognosis for these venues, the role of NAMA and Dublin City Council and what advice they’d offer to those seeking to do their own alternatives.

The panel: Dave Smith (Mabos), Orlaith Ross (The Crypt), Laura G Dovn (Block T) and Peter O’Brien (Upstart)

Living for the City: alternative spaces Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1,  Wednesday February 26, 6pm. Invite list here. FREE.

 Banter Living In The City: Alternative Spaces (Banter)

13 thoughts on “Dublin’s Alternative Space Debate

  1. geebag

    Granby park had a playground in it but it is not accurate or fair to the organisers to describe it as a playground.

  2. Jessica Colbert

    Usually it’s the same women (and their spawn) gaping out at the park that are the reason for the ruination of enjoyable public spaces in Dublin city. These type of people are mostly ill-mannered, lack respect & portray a grand sense of entitlement whilst sponging off the state’s coffers. Always have, always will.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Maybe they are the ones always there because they are looking at the park from outside… their own front door.

      For the rest of your tirade, may I suggest Lenehans DIY on Capel St, they sell very wide brushes which you could use for your sweeping statements.

    2. Pretendgineer

      If you’re referring to Granby Park and the folks in the flats in the photo above then you’re completely wrong in all aspects of your ill-advised and nonsense comment. The people from around the Granby Park site are a one of the main reasons we had so much fun building and working in the park, from the kids on the flats who just wanted to get a hi-vis and mess around to the adults who helped us build to the sausage factory owner who gave us loads of free food.

      The only ill mannered one around here that displays a lack of respect and a grand sense of entitlement to make sweeping judgements is you.

  3. AlanMyler

    “These type of people are mostly ill-mannered, lack respect & portray a grand sense of entitlement whilst sponging off the state’s coffers.”

    I don’t see any bankers in that photo.

  4. Panty Christ

    DCC should sort out the dog shit in public spaces problem. You can’t walk down Pearse street without standing in pug poo or Doberman droppings

  5. Gerry Johns

    Poor people = good.
    Rich people = bad.
    Racism from poor people = ok.
    Racism from rich people = not ok.

    Social spaces attract cliques and snobs. Just look at Seomra Spraoi.

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