Anything Good In The Property Section?


it property[Today’s irish Times]

Randall writes:

I was just reading the usual gushing ‘cut and paste’ from the estate agents brochure in the Irish Times about a multi million euro house in Blackrock [Co Dublin].
They failed to mention that what they describe the house as ‘not overlooked; in front is the pitch and putt grounds of the St John of God’s Hospital’. This area is ear marked for a future Halting Site for Traveller Accomodation. Surely instead of stoking another bubble they could have taken a quick look at the council development plan to show what your millions will actually buy…


Should they have mentioned the halting site?

YOU decide.

Three Big Reasons To Move To Blackrock (irish Times)

Council passes proposal to build Traveller sites (Irish Times, January 14)

47 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Property Section?

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      They are not, in fact nobody in Ireland is as they are not a distinct race under Irish law!

    1. mike

      I think a traveller family should buy the properties. Low priced, good value, I assume. Would be near people they know.

      What’s not to like about that.

        1. Mani

          Well, if you emptied the dishwasher now and then, and just remember: Your Ma has to wash your bedsheets, so when you’re fapping away, try to use a sock instead. How your duvet isn’t pregnant is a miracle.

          1. mike

            Fapping? So I first discovered that word on reddit a few months ago.

            How far behind the urban dictionary times am I?

    1. scundered

      I live near the Dunsink one, regularly meet their kids walking horses on the canal and always well mannered and well behaved, I cant say the same about the local kids though.

  1. padmundo

    …do you have to be a traveller though to get a place in a halting site? I’ve seen trailer park boys… looks like great gas.

  2. RD

    I think they should mention it. Purely because, despite it being morally wrong, I’m certain that detail would have a pretty big effect on the property’s value.

  3. sinabhfuil

    If you have to mention a mooted halting site, what about the house full of students who have all night parties? What about the neighbour who loves trees so much that she keeps planting more and more and they’re looooming? And the neighbour who’s constantly fixing vintage motorbikes, vrrrrrrrrooooooommmm all night into the early hours? Where does this information stop?

      1. Karen

        The vroooooming motorcycle enthusiast is in fact real, I lived in front of one. Endless hours just revving his bike, for why? It was insufferable.

  4. Terapin

    Travellers don’t Pi** on their own door step.. or in their case coke crate.

    Safest house in blackrock, when/if they move in!

    1. Banvan

      I beg to differ…..there won’t be a slate on roof left, if not the tarmacadam job on the driveway will need to be doing and the gutters look dirty….STEREOTYPE WARNING.

      I actually wonder, what the statistics are for Traveller’s involved in crime. As they consider themselves a race, are they the most prolific criminals? I wonder in other countries, are other minorities absolved of paying tax?

      1. Banvan

        I don’t think you couldn’t hear my sarcasm screaming at you!!! I don’t think I have ever seen a tidy, well maintained halting site in my life, funny thing is on that Gypsy Wedding programme, all the girls talked about was all the cleaning they did….most be the same as their famed virginity and strict religious practices….me arse.

  5. Clodagh_x

    Surely its undisputed status as one of Ireland’s ugliest and awkwardly appointed houses would support its market value…

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