Meanwhile, on Chatham Street



Ross Coughlan writes:

“A cow outside Neary’s [off Grafton Street] just now.”





Damian Kearney (left) and Stephen Jones with Rhonda promoting Stones In Your Pocket, which opens at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, next Tuesday.

(Sasko lazarov/Photocall Ireland).


24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on Chatham Street

    1. chimpy

      i saw them too.they went walking down grafton street with the cow. your man that looks like solskjaer got his foot caught under the cows hoof and went flying head over heels and one of his shoes shot across the pavement. it was a weird moment and I wish I had got a photo.

    1. Formerly known as

      I am happy to live in a city where Starbucks has limited appeal, as the local cafe culture is much better than the franchise from the US:

      Starbucks president Howard Schultz ruled out closing other stores internationally and cited “challenges unique to the Australian market”.

      Retail analyst Barry Urquhart said Starbucks failed in Australia in part “because they didn’t understand and respect the unique and differing characteristics of the Australian coffee consumer”.

      1. Lilly

        One thing I will say in their defence, at least they stay open late and offer an alternative to the pub – unlike the native cafés.

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