Pen And Ink


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Further to the distressing news of a monocle revival.

Austin Lysaght, from the Blind Elephant Collective, writes:

I saw an achingly cool gentleman in the Sugar Club [Leeson Street] in Dublin a few weeks ago smoking a pipe, and trying not to look self conscious about it. So I started drawing hipsters who are trying just that little bit too hard. They can be bought here on T-shirts, prints, clocks, etc., should anyone feel that way inclined.

The Blind Elephant Collective

Irish-made stuff marked Irish-made stuff to No favours, fees, tees etc.

12 thoughts on “Pen And Ink

  1. Snide Commenter

    These are great, but I can’t help but wonder whether the irony would be lost on some hipsters…

  2. realPolithicks

    “hipsters who are trying just that little bit too hard” is that not an oxymoron? I love the t-shirts by the way..

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