Defiant New Irish



[From top: Maayan Marian Dunne from Israel; Gift and Chianazo Jacob Jamila Ahmed and Yasmen Hssain from Somalia; Stephen Rourke from Glasnevin, Dublin with his friend Jones Olatunju from Nigeria]

Some of the 3,931 people awarded irish citizenship at a ceremony at the National Convention Centre, Dublin this morning.



Alan Shatter leaves the stage following the citizenship ceremony.


(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

25 thoughts on “Defiant New Irish

  1. Dufresne2012



    On a different note, congratulations to those people.

    1. General Waste

      Worth noting that it was Shatter who introduced these citizenship ceremonies. There are a lot of good aspects to him in amongst the hubris, arrogance and stupidity!

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Seems there is a growing club of TDs who introduce ‘something’ in their tenure and then ride on it at every election.
        Political tokenism.

          1. General Waste

            In fairness to him, he’s also a major proponent of marriage equality, was one of the few ministers to come out of the abortion debates with credit, and has taken on the cosy self-regulation of the legal profession.

            May not be enough the balance the ledger but he does deserve credit for being a liberal Justice Minister, a rare creature in this country.

  2. Anne

    Welcome lads. Welcome to the madness – Any of you know how to run a country fairly and wisely? Cos we sure as sh1te don’t!!

  3. scottser

    they all look far too optimistic and happy to be irish. a few years without sunshine and yearly increases in the cost of living should soon get them moaning away like good paddies.

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