Cad Is Ainm Ró?




European election candidate Ronan Mullen calls himself “Ronan” in his latest video while proudly displaying “Rónán” on his website.

Genuinely bi-lingual or just bi curious?

YOU decide.

Damn Qaddafi/Gaddafi thing all over again.

Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

47 thoughts on “Cad Is Ainm Ró?

  1. cormacjones

    Does someone really think it’s a issue that he refers to himself as both Ronan and Rónán?

    Am I missing the joke here?

    1. Not Gerry Adams

      No. Although I would be mildly amused if someone was searching for “Ronan Mullen” and the first result was “Is Ronan Mullen bi-curious?”.
      How do you think Ronan Mullen feels about santorum?

    2. PK

      No. You’re not missing the joke.

      It’s just the sneery ass-hattery that borders on bullying – if it were done to a homosexual Broadsheet would apoplectic

    3. Rónán

      As a Rónán who uses for Ronan for business, this is a lot about nothing. I introduce myself as Ronan for business, as its more clear what the feck I’m saying. I have learned that its just not worth it to correct people, given the list of names I’ve heard back.

      If the good senator is courting higher offices, then it makes sense to use the English version of his name. It is, after all, recognizable in Europe thanks to the exploits of one Ronan Keating.

  2. Ciaran

    Qaddafi/Gaddafi? Couldn’t we get Leo McGarry to call down a preemptive Exocet missile strike on him?

  3. Zubeneschamali

    He also stands for cluttering up towns with non-election posters outside of election-poster season. Not short of funds, evidently.

  4. stumpy

    “The people who we were rightly
    celebrating at that Special Olympics
    event are people who simply aren’t
    born anymore to any significant
    degree in the western world.”

      1. nellyb

        if “special” was replaced with “election” in this quote, it would almost ring true

  5. stumpy

    Muppet Mullen said it on the VB show during an abortion debate after the European Court had given us a slap over our lack of willingness to clarify the law.

  6. Dr kilzo

    Ronan or Rónán who cares he’s a ride! Ah but it all fairness to Ro he’s one of the most virulent [REDACTED] to grace the Irish political landscape in decades – marching to the beat of David Quinn’s drum.

  7. DazzaMazza

    You know I don’t agree with him in many of his views but I’ll still defend his right to express them without this type of crap being thrown at him. He’s running in an election on a ticket that many of us will disagree with (myself included) but calling him bi or a homo is just wrong and its pretty damn hypocritical given this sites views on issues affecting the gay community over the last few months.

    I regard myself as a lefty and I’m opposed to many of the views that Ronan puts forward, but the treatment of him on sites like this is wrong. Sure, disagree, debate, point out the flaws, put forward your opinions but don’t be hateful or snide. It does you a disservice.

    Let the guy have his say but lets stop calling him bi or insinuating that he’s gay. You’re supposed to be better than that.


    1. sickofallthisbs

      I agree with you entirely. This is just shoddy journalism, normally I would consider shoddy journalism a tautology, but broadsheet reach new, hypocritical lows every day.

    2. realPolithicks

      “put forward your opinions but don’t be hateful or snide. It does you a disservice.”

      You say don’t be hateful or snide, yet you use the word “homo’ in your comment. You might want to give that some thought.

  8. Chucky R. Law

    Whatever about any bullying or innuendo, he deserves a slap for inflicting another portrait aspect video on the world.

  9. nellyb

    “This is just shoddy journalism, normally I would consider shoddy journalism a tautology, but broadsheet reach new, hypocritical lows every day.” – broadsheet is a quirky, off the bitten track entertainment with good stories and cats – have you mistaken it with the Guardian or whatever?
    If Ronan Mullen felt upset by unpleasant lay comments on broadsheet he would have notified the editors no doubt. I bet he is smart enough not to feel that way. [This is not to defend his tacit discriminatory views towards majority of the society, which is, in essence, bullying].

    1. sickofallthisbs

      If you think that Broadsheet are trying to remain separate to the fourth estate/the media/the press you are just deluding yourself. If they were then it would be all cats and rubbish limericks. Instead it’s a combination of cats, rubbish limericks and smug commentaries on news and politics delivered with a sanctimoniousness that makes Ray D’Arcy appear like Atticus Finch.

        1. Blah

          Ah the old staple of “if you don’t like it, you can always leave.” No such thing as constructive criticism round these here parts. An approach that breeds groupthink and prevents improvement. Great idea.

    1. padmundo

      exactly what I was thinking when I seen him… give him a few years for the jowls to droop some more and bingo!

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