Lindt MES Graphic1kg_gold_bunny_low RRP €49.99


A time for reflection and chocolate encased rabbits.

Gemma Kenny says:

“Lindt has donated thousands of Lindt 10g Gold Bunnies which will be available to chocolate lovers at the Lindt Gold Bunny Road Shows for a minimum donation of €1, with every cent going to Temple Street. The Gold Bunny Roadshow will be at Dundrum Town Centre (5th/6th April), Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (15th/16th April) and Pavillions Swords (18th/19th April).”

Splendid. Any chocolate?

“We can give you one Lindt Gold bunny worth [RRP] €49.99

How big would that be?

“A medium sized handbag or two 1990s ‘bum bags'”



We have ONE Lindt chocolate bunny – no smaller than a regular-sized ladies holdall – to give away and DELIVERED to your home or office!

To enter just complete this simple question:

How do YOU eat your Lindt chocolate Gold Bunny?

Lines MUST close at 12.45pm 2.30pm

Lindt Chocolate Ireland (Facebook)

Thanks Gemma

46 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. Optimus Grime

    I like to eat my Lindt Gold Bunny in a nervous and frantic manner while driving down the M1 towards Belfast completely naked convinced that Alan Shatter has a listening device somewhere in the car

  2. Sgt. Bilko

    I like to melt mine down and then pour it over myself as I pointlessly bicker with the fine folks who frequent this fine e-stablishment. I’m on my second of the morning already, as it happens.

  3. Drogg

    I eat my gold bunny the way a samurai would like to go, I take it’s head off in one clean go.

  4. Steve

    I feel guilty when I start to eat mine as they sooo cute, so I smash em up into little bits that no longer resemble bunny bit and then sit back flack out and NOM NOM NOM

  5. DNS

    Very slowly, very deliberately, making loud noises of pleasure and licking the soft melted chocolate from my fingers after breaking off every creamy piece….

    ….and standing outside the window of the Maters diabetes clinic.

  6. Ciaran

    If I could detach my jaw (like a snake) I’d eat it whole. However, I start at the ears (they have the thickest chocolate) and work my way down until there’s just the flat wafer of chocolate from the base. No dinner, just sitting alone in a room with the bunny (and other assorted eggs).

    All with a Venti sized cup full of tea/coffee that I stole borrowed from Starbucks, specifically for this annual feasting.

  7. Am I Still on This Island

    Like a demented nun on craggy island administrating an abstinence programme

  8. Dermot

    In one sitting and pass out in a chocolate induced coma, to awaken years into the future where the world has turned to a Homers Simpsons style land of chocolate…


    I like my Lindt bunnies to be eaten when I come home from the pub on Easter Saturday, and they belong to your nephew who wakes up the next day and no chocolate for Easter.

    Yes, this happened. Trying to find Lindt bunnies with a hangover on Easter Sunday was not fun and unsuccessful.

  10. Teef

    First I bite at the legs, then the neck, chew up the body and leave those deliciously solid ears until last. Excuse me, I must go get a fix

  11. Aoife

    I would share this lovely big bunny with my Da cos he’s had a rough few months and loves chocolate.

  12. ZeligIsJaded

    I chew the little bunny ears,
    then suck the bunny’s toes,
    swallow whole the bunny tail,
    then lick the bunny nose.

    The rest I give to my GF

  13. Lisa Powell

    As I have a fear of bunnies brought on by a bad experience I once had with some in a lift (they nibbled my cape and everything), I like to name my Lindt chocolate Gold Bunnies Sampras and kill them with a hammer, baseball bat, chainsaw or katana, then I eat them. Simple.

  14. Des

    Quickly. Before my brothers eat it all for me, the animals. (This actually happened me before with a giant chocolate easter bunny, I was left to eat the feet!).

  15. The Bird in the Box

    I’d eat it slowly and tantalisingly in front of all the poor idiots in work who gave up chocolate for Lent. And I’d offer it to them every few minutes just to wreck their heads even more.

  16. schweddy

    I smash it in with my elbow. The head is still usually intact so I start with that, then nibble away at the rest, all the while mimicking a bunny rabbit nibbling on a carrot… makes me feel connected to my prey.

  17. MissK

    I would eat a piece of mine while reading storybooks to the kids in temple street while they munch their way through the shared chocolate bunny.

  18. Darragh

    I eat my bunny a month after Easter after finally discovering the forgotten hiding place post-egg hunt

  19. Neil M

    I eat it horror movie style – taking it apart limb by limb, leaving only a torso and head (de-eared, obviously) until I finally put it out of its misery.

    In the spirit of Easter, of course!

    1. Columbo's Missus

      I eat it in a self loathing manner in one sitting, sobbing while listening to Bright Eyes on loop.

  20. Ganoo

    I’d bite off the ears and fill the hollow up with tea! They go so well…. but I’m sure there’s an easier way?

  21. Molloy

    I’d lie in the sun, hold it between my teeth, and wait for it to slowly melt into my mouth.

    Failing a sunny day, I’d give it to my mam.

  22. mick

    Last year both myself and the GF found a small lindt bunny when we woke up on easter. It was our housemate. This year it’d be fun to return the favour with one 20 times the size :)

  23. Rebecca

    I eat my Lindt gold bunny like I don’t even own it,!!

    And by that I mean I ate my brothers bunny last year…..It’s nearly easter and my family are refusing to get Lindt bunnies this time around……Please change this or it will be one sad easter.

    Also I still owe my brother a Lindt bunny so this would really help.


  24. seany_delight

    I’d break the ears off, dispose of them orally and use the rest as a delicious, if not somewhat temporty desk tidy.

  25. Lyn

    I eat mine with tears in my eyes and a faraway look, remembering my poor little doggie who died after eating Lidt chocolate bunnies. It was death by chocolate. Literally.

  26. Kieran NYC

    I don’t. :(

    All my Easter eggs have stayed in Cork for the last few years and are all inevitably eaten by the time I make it back during the summer. So give it to my mum who will eat it over a number of weeks with a glass of wine or two on a Friday night!

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