Getting Around



A pleasingly chilled-out 360° timelapse sequence by German photographer Jonas Ginter, who spent two years trying to achieve the effect you see here.

The spherical or ‘polar’ panoramas were captured by a 3D printed rig holding six GoPro cameras.

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(H/T: Noel)

7 thoughts on “Getting Around

  1. Ballymun Yacht Club

    needs more photo filters, an instagram feature, slow motion effect and more pointless subject matter to get me to hit the share button….2 years well spent

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Fair play to him, nice effect…..

    But, a GoPro Hero3 is €400+

    €400+ x 6 = €2,400+… surely he could’ve bought a camera to do this for that price, no? I was hoping to see a cheap way to achieve the effect…. ah well.

    1. Kentonite

      You can use a normal camera but you need special lenses. There’s free software called Hugin that will stitch it and they’ve tutorials on their website.

    1. Kentonite

      Or Crowd Map 360 as it’s now known. Hugin will do on the desktop. The effect is like Google Street View but less warped.

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