Pro Or Aunty Ben?



Aunty Ben is Ireland’s first LGBT play for children about a nine-year old girl and her favourite uncle, who is a drag queen”.

Super Paua theatre company write:

“We are a theatre company set up in 2013 to make brave work for young audiences Our first show – Aunty Ben – is about to premiere at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, before transferring to the Brighton Fringe Festival, and we need your help to launch it!
Aunty Ben is a very pioneering show – it is a play for children (and adults!) aged 7+, about a drag queen. The story revolves around nine-year-old Tracey’s relationship with her favourite aunty, Ben. It doesn’t matter to Tracey at all that Aunty Ben is actually her uncle, or that he is a drag queen, because in Tracey’s family dressing up is for everyone! But when Ben meets her school friends, Tracey is shocked to discover that other people’s families can be very different to her own…”

Aunty Ben (Indiegogo)

Via David Gormley