Street Easter



 Martin, Easter Sunday:  Westland Row, Dublin this morning by Donal Moloney.

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      1. rory

        Please continue to do this, but stop taking photos of your goodwill.
        It doesn’t feel like you’re doing the latter for his benefit.

        Just my opinion though, and fair play to all the effort put in.

    1. happy molloy

      maybe you can start dressing him up as well Donal. and give him his own Facebook page.


  1. Psyched

    Why would you put this up? If I was so unlucky to find myself in that person’s position, I certainly wouldn’t want my picture posted online. It’s nice to see he got an Easter Egg.

  2. Dangler

    It’s disgusting to post this up. You should be ashamed. This doesn’t highlight anything other than some ballbag thought it was smart to take a picture of some unfortunate homeless person. Hopefully someone in broadsheet has a brain an takes this down!!

    1. jungleman

      Ha! BS are well aware that the majority of their visitors will have a problem with this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they quietly have a problem with it themselves, hence the frequency of these type of posts..

          1. Snorkmaiden

            Agreed. Onion rip off. The odd funny bit though. Which makes it much better than whose business model seems to be:
            (A) take video from Buzzfeed
            (B) add half a page of unfunny s***e basically explaining the content of the video.
            (C) repeat

          2. Snorkmaiden


            Yes a rip off of the Onion. Satirical/fake news presented in the style of real news reports.
            The Onion is famous for this.
            WW makes a decent hand of it but.
            Don’t mean to put them down or you Jeremy if you work for them

          3. Joe

            At least it’s not bigoted like BS, with the BS censor deciding who gets insulted by posters, and who not

          4. Mani

            The onion does a fine line in satire. This does a fine line in taking onion templates and replacing the odd word with its Irish colloquial equivalent. I’d call it lazy but it looks like an awful lot of effort to be mediocre. Kind of like an Irish model at a product launch.

  3. bobby g

    placing an egg in front of a homeless person for the sake of a self gratifying photo.
    do u even see whats wrong with that? shameful.

    1. Nigel


      1. Nidge

        I think what many fail to recognize is that Martin has AGREED to all this and nothing is underhanded. Not only that but Martin is a great friend of the photographer and in his raising awareness.

        1. Jack Aranda

          You were much more entertaining when you lost your rag and posted using your own name.

          1. charles

            You really are a hateful little troll. Grow up you useless fool and say something constructive regarding the subject.

          2. Charles

            Sorry Jack but you’ve been rumbled. Anyone with half a brain has sussed your crusade regarding this homeless thingy. Nothing to say and all day to do it ;-). You’re the sterotypical internet hater and troll rolled into one. The lowest of low.

          3. Jack Aranda

            Love it! By the by, not a hugely healthy sign referring to oneself in the third person using a number of different aliases.

          4. Charles

            That’s it Jack. Keep on diggin in desperation! As sad an individual as I’ve encountered on the interweb.

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    Hope the person photo’d was paid in order for the poster to make their own petty political point. Wanna impress me, wake him up, take him home and feed him, otherwise cut the crap and move along.

  5. jungleman

    Let me guess, the easter egg is a gift from Donal? Fair play Donal, you’re just such a selfless guy.

  6. Steve Kingston

    Yeah think Broadsheet just lighting the fuse and standing well back with these.. They have all been distasteful bit this 1 is creepiest yet, the guys asleep ffs…. New low for auld Donal and that’s saying something…

  7. yogy

    At least the homeless man will have a nice hot shower, a warm meal and a comfy bed tonight, all because some weirdo planted a chocolate egg beside him and took a picture.

  8. sinabhfuil

    Is the shameful thing that Broadsheet puts up pictures of homeless people, or that people are homeless in Ireland?

    1. Kath


      Seeing homeless people makes many uncomfortable. Or maybe that should be seeing homelessness and doing nothing about it.

  9. No, the other one

    BS are keeping this conversation alive which is more than a lot of other media outlets

  10. Vinny

    I don’t know why people have a major problem with this. He gave a homeless dude an Easter egg…and?

      1. Vinny

        I’m not. I merely don’t get outraged by every single thing on the internet.

        PC times, my friend. PC times.

        (Which is a good name for a daily computer-based newspaper)

        1. jungleman

          Well I like your sense of humour I suppose. I’m not outraged by this. I just think that these kind of stunts are really just narcissitic back-slapping exercises.. And it behoves me to point it out.

          1. Nidge

            That’s ok Jungler. It’s most likely because you’re just another spineless internet w**ker ;-)

        2. Casey

          who thinks he’s a big man and canny
          so he yells and threatens at his wife
          causing his kids no end of strife
          and takes up with a skanger wiv’out a pinny
          (or knickers the truth be told)
          he then proceeds to knock her up in no short order
          (and lies to the social about where he lives – how bold!)
          then doesn’t let his kids come to the christening of their brother
          this scumbag is typical of our guardians of the law
          who boast of their conquests and do guffaw
          for they consider themselves above the law of the land
          as they produce multiple families, unplanned

          True story.

        1. Nidge

          Mani. I can assure you that I’m not Donal but I do know the man. Why not contact him rather than stalk? You may even like the guy :-)

    1. Huppenstop

      It’s his motivation for photographing it and then sending it to Broadsheet for publication that gets most people’s backs up. Smacks of more than a little “look at what a decent skin I am” posturing, which is undermined considerably by his need to tell everyone about it.

  11. yogy

    For those who think this is acceptable, how would they feel if this was their father or brother? Would they appreciate if some creep with a camera turned them into some project he has for his own benefit.

    If Donal was in anyway decent he would at least come on and defend his actions.

    1. Charles

      People just love jumping to conclusions. Yogi, you’re obviously new to this story. The individual being photographed is a friend of the photographer. Everything is up front. He is aware of everything Donal does. He visits this man about three times every week and even spends an occasional day with him.

      Huppenstop, I suspect what really gets peoples “backs up” is that he’s been photographing Martin for 6 months now in creating awareness and those that attacked him 6 months ago don’t like being proved wrong and some even want internet revenge.

      Martin is completely aware of eveything he/they are doing. What’s the point in trying to create awareness at all if it’s not publicized? No better way than BS etc etc. Martin has no problem with it. These are not sneaky photos, they are approved by those being photographed.

      I also suspect that there’s a lot more people in support of what he’s doing than those who get their “backs up”.
      It’s worth noting that many of the people involved with homeless support have no problem with his approach. It’s all about awareness. He’s also been photographing and interviewing (with permission) many other homeless people.

      What the cynics and cranks really need to do is look at the entire project and discuss the problem rather than look for a non-existent motive.

      Broadsheet have bravely stuck with this story and are to be congratulated as they obviously understand the entire story. Perhaps next time they need to add “photo has been approved by the sitter” to prevent the cynics from blowing a gasket.

      1. Mani

        BS know exactly how this story acts as click bait. Continuing to post these images will increase traffic to the site as well as provide donal with more rope to hang himself with. Win win for them.

      2. Huppenstop

        Lots of people don’t click the links that are added beneath these posts, so a lot of commenters (including me), won’t know that this is part of on ongoing series of photographs. To someone coming to this without any context, it just looks like someone left an egg beside this man, photographed it, and sent it to BS. Maybe in future these should be flagged as “another photo in the x project…”. If the motivation is to “raise awareness” then surely publicising it without context runs the risk of “getting people’s backs up” (as I perhaps inelegantly put it), which then hinders you getting your point across.

        The wider point of course is that “raising awareness” as the motivating drive behind a project doesn’t act as a shield against criticism. People are free to comment on it, and if you’re involved in the project then you should be able to counter those criticisms with something better than “we’re raising awareness”, which is a phrase that has been so overused as to have become basically meaningless.

        If it’s supposed to be social commentary, then I don’t really get it. It seems pretty shallow in its underlying concept and not very imaginative. It can’t claim to be documentary if the photos are staged. If they are (as I suspect) constructed scenes, then you are venturing into art, and that raises some ethical issues not just on behalf of the subject, but on behalf of the people you are inviting to share in the project as audience.

        And my final point is that once you invite people to respond to something you create, then it’s open season. People are entitled to react to it in any way they want and to have a variety of opinions on it. You can’t jump in and say “no, you don’t get it, this is how you should feel about it”.

        Now that I know this a project, I stand by my earlier comment. And I will add that the whole thing isn’t particularly insightful. Nor does it offer any meaningful commentary. As for raising awareness, well without being uncharitable, plenty of publicity stunts could be said to “raise awareness”. It doesn’t mean they are worthwhile.

  12. charles

    Huppenstop..I agree that BS should probably make it more obvious that it’s a project. It would save a lot of knee jerk reactions. I also agree that it’s open season. No better place for an open season than on a public forum such as BS where people can hide behind a pseudonym and say what they wish. Let’s face it, it’s always the negative nasty cynics that shout loudest. You may not like the term “raising awareness” but that’s exactly what it is and that’s exactly what it is doing.
    Every media advertisement regarding homelessness is both “staged” and funded. These shots are neither staged or funded. They are merely snapshots/portraits of peoples daily lives and subsequently approved. The homeless video interviews with heroin addicts etc are obviously more staged but the conversations are not scripted.
    Imho, raising awareness doesn’t need to be mindblowingly clever to work. I believe this project is doing a lot of good and more than “worthwhile”. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.
    Finally, I know of certain people who have joined the helping hands with a certain charity because of this project. That at least has to be a positive thing.

    1. Joe

      This is why I’ve said to BS posters should have to register with their FB/Twitter/etc account before being able to post. It would quickly remove the douche class with access to the internet

      1. jungleman

        Yeah it would also quickly remove the reason for Broadsheet’s success. But feel free to give your full name and details there “Joe”..

        1. Joe

          So BS are proud that their success is half built on ripping on others. Maybe they shoudld rename the site

          You know what else BS stands for.

    2. Huppenstop

      Yes, let’s agree to disagree. And I’m honestly not being wilfully antagonistic, but how is the picture of the homeless man eating Christmas dinner on the street wearing a paper hat not a constructed scene?

      1. Charles

        Huppenstop..Because that’s exactly what occurred. The photographer brought Martin his dinner on Christmas Day. He asked Martin a few days previously if he would like to join him for Christmas dinner and Martin asked if he could have it on the street where he resides.
        He was presented with dinner, Xmas crackers and wine.

        1. Huppenstop

          That’s my point Charles. They are constructed. Photographer brings something to homeless man and then photographs him. The photo is staged. To argue that such a photo is not constructed when the photographer has brought everything with him is dishonest. It’s no longer a “snapshot from someone’s life”. It’s something else.

          1. Charles

            No. The fact that the photographer brought him his dinner on Christmas Day doesn’t make it constructed. Should the photographer deny him some generosity on Christmas Day?
            The point is that the shot was achieved because of the event, not for the event.

          2. Huppenstop

            Are they “snapshots of people’s lives” or are they “photos of homeless people with stuff I gave them”? There’s a big difference. Is the photographer supposed to a dispassionate observer or is he an active agent in the scene? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just that it seems that it’s one thing to make one point, then another when you want to counter another point. I just don’t think this project knows what it is or what it’s point is.

          3. Charles

            Ok, I’m now sensing “wilful antagonism”.
            Have you seen any of the other individuals that has been photographed or interviewed during this project? They receive no “stuff” from the photographer. The photographer has a very close relationship with Martin for many reasons that you’ll learn if you study the relationship from the beginning.
            It’s not rocket science. The whole notion of this project is to raise awareness(oh I know, I know) through interviews and portraits.
            Incidentally, thousands of people at home and abroad are constantly enquiring about Martin(the Malta link). The photographer keeps them up to date with his welfare etc.

            Check out the whole story and if you’re genuinely concerned, perhaps contact the photographer as I’ve little doubt he’ll be more than helpful.

          4. Huppenstop

            I’m not being antagonistic. And by stuff, I just meant the Christmas dinner and the Easter egg. Maybe we have different ideas of what I mean by “constructed”. You mentioned above that these were “snapshots of people’s lives”, which implies that the photos are documenting something and that the photographer is merely recording. But that isn’t the case if the photographer is bringing things like the Easter egg and the Christmas dinner and then taking photos. It becomes something fundamentally different. It’s no longer about snapshots of their lives and it’s actually a record of the photographer visiting this homeless man and bringing small tokens to brighten his day and then taking photographs of it. That’s fine of course and very nice thing to do for another human being, but the subsequent photos are in a real sense planned. The photographer plans to visit this homeless and he also plans to photograph him with the little things he brings. Maybe “constructed” has overtones of “fake”. I didn’t mean that. I just meant that they aren’t naturalistic, documentary style photos but planned events. A lot of earlier commenters made a similar point and were shot down. I genuinely believe people are entitled to voice their opinions about this. When the photographer becomes an active agent in this, I think it’s perfectly ok to ask what their motivation is. I’m just trying to understand the project. Raising awareness is too nebulous a concept for me really. How do you gauge the success of a such an aim? How do you assess if you have failed? I’m not being antagonistic, honestly I amn’t. The thinking underlying it just seems a bit wooly :)

          5. Charles

            Do me a favour and watch every video and interview related to this project. The Martin story will make more sense to you (unless of course you don’t want it to).

          6. Huppenstop

            Thanks Charles. I will. But maybe Donal should re-think sending in individual pieces from the project if they can only be understood and contextualised properly by watching it in its entirety.

          7. Charles

            Maybe people should take more care and make an effort to understand exactly what’s going on. I doubt Donal will be rethinking anything and I’d urge you to contact him if you find it in any way confusing.

          8. Charles

            I know the guy quite well Mani. Seriously, you should call him. You’ll be all the better for it.

          9. Charles

            Ah gwan Mani. Give it a whirl. Think of the long term benefits. You’ll be taking your first steps in extracting yourself from the computer, you’ll experience a sense of not being the centre of attention and the pressure of being the sites court jester. It’s a win win win step into the real world and the road to recovery.

          10. Charles

            What age are you Jungler? 15? Seriously kid, say something constructive and break your internet habit.

          11. jungleman

            The only people talking nonsense on this page is yourself and the other supporters of this vanity project. I can see that it is a vanity project because I’m not a naive teenager. I take it you’re not a teenager, in which case you have no excuse..

          12. Charles

            Is that why you’ve gone investigating his other work and belittling it. You’re the saddest of saddest interweb trolls/scurges and the sooner you’re named the better. Say something grown up and constructive or away with you child.

          13. jungleman

            You’re showing your true colours now Charles. Calling people names and dismissing them as children is really just a cop-out. I didn’t investigate his work, maybe you’re talking about someone else..

          14. Charles

            “It’s like his “DERELICT”
            Project”. You’re not fooling us weirdo. We’ve got your number ;-)

          15. Mani

            I guess you could say he’s ‘created a number of profiles here and is posting comments supporting his stance’
            If you get my meaning, eh!

          16. Mick Flavin

            Do you remember the old patterned avatars? I caught someone out, spoofing under a few aliases with that once.

  13. squidward

    I fail to see any problem with this.
    Firstly, it draws attention to the photographer and makes me wonder if I can buy any of his work, or perhaps commission him to do some work for me.
    Secondly, I take it he bought the chocolate egg, therefore contributing to the economy, and providing the homeless person with a tasty treat.
    Third, it has raised my awareness that there are homeless people in Dublin-probably throughout Ireland for all I know.
    Its like a 3D banksy stencil. Makes you think.

    1. ahyeah

      Jesus, you eejits really don’t get it, do you?

      “it has raised my awareness that there are homeless people in Dublin-probably throughout Ireland for all I know”…

      Really? Like really, really? So it wasn’t until today when you law an image of a scruffy, red sleeping bag and a Maltesers easter egg that it occurred to you that some people don’t have houses? And, holy god, this could *perhaps” also be happening in other places?

      And the fact that this is part of an ongoing project going back six months might – just might – actually make it worse in some people’s eyes (mine included). Self-promoting opportunism is bad enough but when there’s a long-term strategy behind it… well, it takes on an altogether more distasteful aspect.

  14. happy molloy

    “raising awareness ” , reminds me of Ross O’Carroll Kelly’s mother, it’s a phrase for justifying your own vanity projects

    1. ahyeah

      Yes, see that now. Feeling a little rouge coming to the cheeks, in truth.

      In my defense, though, some of the Donal supporters have been coming out with such nonsense that it wouldn’t have been all that unlikely.

  15. B Bop

    Ah sure we’ve all had the odd Broadsheet redner!
    This Martin & Donal saga will run on…think most people would prefer if the supportive friendship continued without us all nosing in…although initially we did want to know did Martin hail from Malta.

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