House In The Hills


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Designed by Mexican architects p+0 Arquitectura, Casa Narigua is a cantilevered multi-level house on a steep slope in the mountains of Northern Mexico.

Constructed from concrete tinted with soil from the surrounding area and commanding spectacular views, it’s the holiday home that Tony Stark never bought.


17 thoughts on “House In The Hills

    1. Cicero

      I have a bit of a man-crush on Kevin McCloud.

      We’re going to live in a house just like this one day, and he’s going to talk ad infinitum in flowery hyperbolic tones about everything, mostly about how beautiful I look.

      *Cough*, ahem, yes, well, very good. As you were.

    1. Whattheyreallymean

      Would you like an auld eight bay plain fronted rendered finish bungalow wihha bihha unfinished hard core for a full surround driveway and car park?

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    It’s kind of Bauhaus-y. I like it, despite its slight dirty-protest look.

  2. Kieran NYC


    I would call it my lair. And invite people to my lair for drinks. And talk about my lair.


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