Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Grand Seduction



What you may need to know.

1. Sure Fassbender’s teeth looked amazing on the Late Late on Friday, but Brendan Gleeson is still our greatest movie star. He’s worked with Spielberg, Scorsese, Scott (Ridley), Boyle (Danny) and The Smurfs, for starters. He’s Mad Eye Moody. And his sons are a new wave of Irish talent unto themselves.

2. So… what did we all think of Calvary (2013) then?

3. Gleeson and John Martin McDonagh are already at work on the third chapter of their ‘Glorified Suicide’ trilogy. Next time out, he’s playing a paraplegic.

4. The Grand Seduction is a Canadian film, co-starring Taylor Kitch, who was supposed to be The Next Big Thing, then starred in back-to-back bombs Battleship (2012) AND John Carter (2012). Still, we loved him in telly’s Friday Night Lights.

5. Broadsheet Prognosis: Always Bet On Brendan.

Release Date: TBC