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Further to yesterday’s post on the new €36.6 million library and arts centre [currently under construction] in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

The view from the pier.


Emily writes:

“This is what it will look like from the top of the pier. It dominates the seafront and blocks out the lovely facade of the Royal Marine [Hotel], and is totally unsympathetic to its surroundings.
Given its proximity to the harbour, the bunker-esque style windows are ill thought out, and I think it’s amazing that there are no balconies or viewing platforms. The money should have been used to redevelop the old baths although they probably would have made a hames of that too.”

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40 thoughts on “Another View

    1. lemoneadi

      Wow. Those design are far more thought out and considerate of the area. Why do some architects not understand the value of light in a building?

  1. OP

    There is literally nothing more annoying than the group of Dun Laoghaire people who block any change to the town and throw out the old line ‘they should have redeveloped the baths.’

    Such a load of crap and likely to hold up the excellent beach development there.

    1. Rep

      Well, so far the only thing put forward was to demolish the baths, reclaim a good bit of the sea and build high rise apartments there.

  2. Ossian Smyth

    The councillors and the executive approved this building without submitting plans to an external body like Bord Pleanala. They just rubber stamped it for themselves. No environmental impact study.

    It was sold as a four storey building. It’s now 95 feet high plus Titanic style funnels. It’s a monument to poor judgement.

    1. martco

      its scale is utterly bonkers…

      it’s almost like the architect forgot to set the dimension units correctly in autocad….the graphical representations on their website don’t seem accurate, they defo don’t convey the real impact on the surrounding area

      can’t wait to see what they are going to be trying to fill it’s 50 billion square metres with given how so much of DL is a tumbleweed town

    2. George Loves Pies

      No they didnt.
      It’s not except development, it went through all the usual planning stages, reports etc etc

      Get your facts straigh Ossian.

      Typical Green Party NIMBY mentality, maybe if you lot had gotten more worked up about important issues when you were in government we wouldnt be broke now, instead of trying to get stag hunting banned and brickettes taxed. Good job, the deers or safe but we’re all on the breadline

    1. B Bop

      It’s not only the building being a massive fugly disgrace…it’s the heart sinking view of it ruining the backdrop to the pier & all along that coastal stretch.
      If you’ve walked & loved those (beautifully unchanged) piers since childhood, as I have, it’s now a daily reminder of how 36mill was used to create this absolute fu*k up.
      Martco’s opinion seems correct…some Jobsworth got the scale wrong.

        1. InGen

          You missed the point nicely. Congrats. By the way, have you ever been to New York?

          1. B Bop

            Snorts InGen!
            The piers have thankfully remained unchanged for well over a hundred years…
            Kind of like the timeless structural quality of The Chrysler building, then in NYC terms.
            To throw this grotesque side show up, ruining a classic Victorian facade- & not complimenting it even with a contemporary modern building is the problem.

    1. Nobbley

      I tremble to think… do they need more room for offices at the baths??? so much space, so many officers, so little in the way of accountability, results, anything really! apart from DLRCOCO office space…

  3. Mr. Camomile T

    I could go on and on about all the different reasons why this building is so awful but having worked in Dun Laoghaire for the past few years and having known what was there before this hideous wedge was built, all I have to say is, I f**king hate it. The Dun Laoghaire seafront is probably the town’s most valuable asset and its councillors have seen fit to take a 7-storey dump in the middle of it.

  4. Maa

    It looks crap…the millions used to build it could have been better spent on local authority housing…cleaning up DL…anything other than that monstrosity

  5. Napper Tandy

    Hey you know, maybe go along to the public consultation meetings and engage in that process at the beginning BEFORE they get planning permission and start building.

  6. p

    Looks good.
    My heart bleeds for the moaners. You’re getting a €36 million library and arts building!! ffs

  7. WOD

    I’m with P. it looks good. I’m usually right about these things. I’d love to see some examples of what the moaners consider aesthetically pleasing.. Bunch of Prince Charlies!

  8. turgidson

    I think it would have looked better is it was all white instead of red and white. Here’s some construction photos I took last year.

  9. Iseult

    Was in DL for the first time on a year over Easter, and was stunned by this…yoke.
    It’s fugly beyond belief, but I have to ask…there’s a surprising amount of sudden amazement and shock that it’s as big as it is or as nasty. Did no-one comment or take action before it got as damn-near completion??
    It’s like a smack in the mush..

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