24 thoughts on “Phobe Watch

  1. Am I Still on This Island

    I really think it is time for RuarĂ­ to hang up the wig! He is much better without it!

    1. Samuel

      I find him scary without it, and hot with it. I’m confused as to whether I’m gay, straight, or go for trans gender

      Worst part is I work near his place and find my self trying to ‘bump’ into him on my lunch hour

      Maybe I just admire him as he has become an icon of bravery

      One can’t help but admire leaders

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    Is this a good time to about Conchita Wurtz?

    ZOMGamazeballs! Girl has some fierce eyebrow action too

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Sssh, you’ll confuse him. He clearly still hasn’t discovered Google.

  3. Ferret McGruber

    I greatly admire Panti and all he has to say. But exactly when did he turn into Ken Dodd?

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      There is a time were drag becomes sad, and ineffective Paul O Grady realised this and stopped being Lilly savage in the mid 2000 & has gone on to have a successful career

  4. Happy Molloy

    Is it homophobic to say I think he’s a weirdo?

    not bothered about transvestities but he’s just scary looking, anyone with that much wig and make-up is

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      I think he knows himself a lot of photoshopping and touching up of publicity photos and twitter photos

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