14 thoughts on “JobBridge Fairy

  1. Dufresne2012

    Do they require the type of skills that the job is meant you teach you as an intern? It looks like they didnt even tailor the ad for job bridge – just took the ad they were going to give to an employment agency and sent it to job bridge instead

  2. Ballymun Yacht Club

    who really has time for this sh!te anymore?, i caught a glimpse of another few grey stragglers on the oul
    Cappamore this morn..then pegs ups …a bit deflated no mind..for a bit of sh!ite on This Morning ..then…BOOM… if i’m going grey ..
    i’m going full Scofield

  3. Buzz

    More ‘celebrity’ sh*te and a single ad for Cadbury Eclairs Velvets – how does Evoke.ie propose to sustain itself? It’s irresponsible for JobBridge to entertain outfits such as this when the chances of of a job at the end of this ‘internship’ are slim to nil.

    1. Dhaughton99

      Evoke.ie is published by Associated Newspapers Limited in association with Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited from their offices
      3rd Floor embassy House, Herbert Park lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.

      Irish Daily Mail, Irish Mail on Sunday, Mail Online Ireland

  4. Haroo

    I work in a paper where we had two job bridge interns for 9 months. They did their stint and then a few months later we got two more. It a scam as the two individuals are doing the work of two journalists and are being exploited

  5. Buzz

    Far from being allowed to get away with this, they should actually be prosecuted. It’s criminal.

  6. Hick

    All over Terenure, Templeogue, Harold’s cross and in a few spots in town some ingrate has been tagging signs, walls and lamp posts with the word evoke, I wonder is it related to these fe*kers

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