Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds




Ten-year-old Niall Kehoe [above] released his first game last week, Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds which he created using Game Salad.

Dermot Daly of Tapadoo (who Niall got in touch with for some advice) says:

[Niall] e-mailed us out of the blue to help him upload his app to the store.

His problems were in the process of submission – getting certificates, bundling the app correctly and so forth. Problems that any developer could run into.  He was quite a dab hand at getting around the keyboard; seemed super-smart.

It’s great to see that people as young as 10 show an interest in software development. I started young myself, and always like to see movements like App Camp for Girls and Coder Dojo. Meeting enthusiastic young developers tells me that the future of software is in safe hands.

It’s fantastic to see someone so young be motivated enough to develop skills still not taught in schools despite all the lip service given to the Smart/Knowledge Economy given by politicians.

Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds available on the Apple app store now. Why don’t you download and review it to give this budding young developer some encouragement?

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8 thoughts on “Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds

    1. ReproBertie

      Well spotted Joe. This is the 1st time in the history of video games that a new game was in any way similar to an older game so it’s good that you pointed it out.

    2. Tibor

      VERY well spotted, Joe. That kid should be using his computer skills for visiting various websites and making snide remarks about other people’s work, instead of building up any amount of knowledge of existing works before venturing on to what will be a much braver completely original effort when he’s confident enough(!)

      Sarcasm, fair play to this kid! Especially starting so early and all on his own initiative, that sort of motivation will get him ridiculously far in life, glad he’s working on stuff and putting it out there.
      I’ve an Android phone so can’t download this to review it, but it’s great that he’s getting started on the game development path, you need a good head and to be well-prepared in that area, I look forward to a day in the future when his games are ported to every available system.

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