Trinity For Sale


trinity-college_1896870iTrinity College Dublin

A new logo.

A ‘Global relations Strategy’.

€3.71 million on consultants fees.

How’s that going down?

“For me, it’s not only the new logo, or indeed this entire project, that I object to, but also what its adoption would represent: the hypocrisy of a university that claims to be proud of its history and traditions, yet aims to hide them in commercial exercise – a university that

focuses its resources on attracting new students and higher rankings rather than respecting the students and staff that it already has.”

Student journalist Sineád Baker on Trinity College Dublin’s proposed changes.


Trinity in Transition: The Harsh Realities for Students and Staff (Sineád Baker, University Times)

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12 thoughts on “Trinity For Sale

  1. Sgt. Bilko

    Universities are traditionally administered by people who think that they would be fantastic places except for all of those grotty students.

  2. Ploika

    That’s all a bit mixed up. The students it already has will be gone in about 4 years on average. They will also benefit from getting a degree from a college that’s as high as possible in the world rankings.

    Not trying to attract new students would be stupidly short sighted.

    Also the old logo was crap and the new logo is slightly better.

  3. scottser

    ah, don’t they need a few bob to fix the door that the oul geezer drove into a while back. dem doors, dey do be dear dey do be.

  4. Jimbob

    I’ve noticed these articles are written for hist/phil/student union trinity heads who just love a good oul pointless debate, the same type of people who would ironically mock pointless tabloid reports/articles.

  5. Blah

    There’s no hypocrisy in being proud of history but wanting to modernise this, that, and the other.

    Trinity is proud of its advances in human knowledge from Hamilton to Berkeley. I like the crest, but it never did anything amazing.

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