That’s A Wrap


Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-1 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-2 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-3 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-4 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-6 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-7 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-8 Peter-Steinhauer-cocoon-12
Photographer Peter Steinhauer’s shots of  Japanese buildings wrapped in colourful mesh (to prevent debris falling during construction or demolition.)

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4 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. Dubh linn

    This is Hong Kong. What you see before the mesh go up are the platforms of bamboo scaffolding. The scaffolders building then wear no safety equipment, no hats, no harnesses and run along platforms 40-50 stories into the sky. It is stomach churning to watch if you have a fear of heights. At least with the mesh, they have some sort of safely net in place.

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