Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: 99 – Ice Cream Finder


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Shane Byrne of Showoff.ie writes:

Everyone heard about Catherine Noone with her ice cream van problems this morning so we said “Come on, like 99’s are what Irish Summer’s are all about!”

With that in mind, they’ve launched 99 – Ice Cream Finder. The app does one thing and does it well – it tells you on a hot day like today where the best 99 is available nearest to you.

The app is available now on the Apple App Store and an Android version is a possibility if there is demand foNOMNOMNOMNOM on the Google Play Store.


Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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19 thoughts on “Karl’s Irish iPhone App Of The Day: 99 – Ice Cream Finder

  1. munkifisht

    Desperately need this in London. Absolute shite show when it comes to a good ol fashioned, sugar filled 99. Only place you can get em is round tourist attractions and they’re charging £3 for a whippy without the flake. THREE POUNDS!

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          May well be Clampers, but I’ve never asked for a whippy.

          T’is a ‘cone’ surely.

          1. munkifisht

            It’s a cone when yer there at the counter, but it’s a whippy when you’re going for an icecream, otherwise it might be taken as a cornetto or one of it’s bastardised cousins.

  2. Jay

    If you’re having 99 problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but ice cream ain’t one.

  3. Birneybau

    “Come on, like 99’s are what Irish Summer’s are all about!”

    Like 99’s, so 98’s? 97’s?

    1. Showoff

      realPolithicks Add them :) Please feel free to add your own by pressing the large plus button on the screen.

      1. realPolithicks

        Sorry about that lads, I was actually just being facetious. I live in the states now, but when I was a kid we often took the bus to Bray and invariably ended up getting a 99 at one of the little shops on the seafront. The app is a great idea btw.

  4. John

    Taxpayer’s money via Wicklow Enterprise going to good use. Paying the wages and rent of 5 staff while they make pointless apps that have no hope of making money or taking off.

    1. Karl Monaghan

      You do realise that app companies put out apps like this to showcase their skills? If become a commercial success that’s a bonus. Tapadoo’s Dublin bus app is a perfect example (http://www.broadsheet.ie/2013/10/17/karls-irish-iphone-app-of-the-day-my-dublin-bus-2/) – it cost ~€30k for them to build and they don’t think they’ll directly recoup that cost. But as a showcase of their design skills it’s invaluable.

      It’s the same as the apps I put out my self – none have been financially successful in their own right but all have lead to paying work that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

  5. Napper Tandy

    I preferred Teddy’s before the put a van on every corner and went all MBA on our asses.

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