36 thoughts on “What The Plaque?

    1. Gus

      Snorted Eamonn before squeezing out (and slightly following through on) a poisonous Guinness fart, unpausing ‘Jim Davidson Live in Poland’ and taking a swig from the outsized Playboy mug that bitch Deirdre took her sweet time bringing in from the kitchen earlier

      1. munkifisht

        Not sure where you’re coming from with that, if you’re a man or a woman, but if you’re a man I’m worried and a woman I feel really sorry for you.

      2. Jess

        If you think thats true then theres a good chance you’re going to end up on a register

        1. Nially

          Actually there’s a depressingly small chance that he’s going to end up on a register, given the outrageously low conviction rates for the kind of “Ah, but like, she kinda wanted it a bit, probably” rape that this sign is joking about.

          (Not that that makes him any less of a twunt)

  1. Small Wonder

    Good god! I assumed Shaws was a second hand shop! Then I clicked on the link.
    Do they sell calendars by any chance? Maybe they should look at one.

  2. Jessica Doyle

    Pls don’t show Una Mullally this, she’ll get a bee in her self righteous feminist bonnet

    1. Jessica Doyle Is A Man

      And not just a man. A misogynist coward pretending to be a woman online.

      Shame on you Barry.

      1. ABM

        Alpha males don’t have to worry about spending their lives pussy-footing around feminist dogma for fear they might offend someone.

          1. ABM

            That’s right. Anyone who isn’t a beta-male white knight orbiter sop is a “rapist”.

        1. cluster

          I’m fairly sure I’m not considered an ‘alpha-male’ but I would have thought a member of such an elite group would not need to behave like a rapist to find sexual gratification, no?

          I’m sure we’re being trolled anyway. I wonder how many different email addresses have used the ABM moniker.

  3. Rockboy

    What about women who say no when they’re playing sexy games and want you to go rough? Or is that a whole other area.

  4. nellyb

    Is a man saying ‘yes’ a gentlemen? What would you call a man never saying ‘no’?

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