Animation: The Risk Not Taken


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Animator Alex Glawion’s atmospheric graduation film for the Freie Hochschule für Grafikdesign und Bildende Kunst school  features an alien in an unstable world who is granted a vision of what might happen if he/she alters future events.


10 thoughts on “Animation: The Risk Not Taken

  1. Dufresne2012

    If he had rocket feet why didnt he use them when he was hanging off the cliff? Some nice effects but the music kind of made it.

    1. ahyeah

      Not really, Clampers. I’ve viewed in right through, twice. Got the stirrings of a semi at the 4.23 mark but nowhere near enough to carry through on the task in hand. Move along, nothing to see here, I’m afraid.

      1. Nuala

        I have to step in and neutralise the negative review by the masturbatory chap above. Definitely worth watching – incredible work for a student IMO.

    1. Ronan

      If you follow the link back to Short Of The Week they say:

      Glawion’s film may not be for those seeking out a straight A to B storyline in their shorts, but those hungry for more narrative complexity will find this a hugely rewarding watch.

      Fair enough.

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