Leave Her Malone




This morning less than a week after her unveiling at her new perch on Suffolk Street, Dublin.

They’ve done it again.

Dublin City Business Improvement District [BID] tweetz:

“We spend thousands each year removing graffiti from businesses. Now much loved public monuments targeted….”

Thanks Darragh Doyle

35 thoughts on “Leave Her Malone

      1. 15 cents

        and ur just a typical negative BS commenter who doesnt see good in anything. sure, its not a lovely statue at all, but it represents a lovely bit of dublin heritage.

  1. celticon

    Gobshites with too much time on their hands and no pride in their city. I’d cheerfully snap their wrists.

    1. Nikkeboentje

      By the look of the photo, Molly has already beaten you to it. She is holding the snapped wrist in her hand!

  2. Clampers Outside!

    You just can’t get a good twerking on with them 17th century dress bum rolls. It’s a little known fact that Molly was a Class A twerker. Off her nut on the aul laudanum and a few bags of shrooms she was often heard shouting during the early morning wee hours of the next day, ‘can I get a whoop, whoop!’ Lovely woman she was, I’ve been told.

  3. AliveOh

    This makes me sad. It used to make me angry (still does a bit) but now mostly sad. I wonder is any sort of civics class taught at primary school level? Would a possible (at least partial) solution be a way of instilling some sort of civic pride in kids? Or getting across the concept that statues etc. belong to all of us, so one individual should not ruin them?

      1. ahyeah

        Dead right – should be the parents, doeasnt seem to be happening. Maybe we need to target the grandparents, get them to teach the parents and hopefully it’ll work its way down.

        1. AliveOh

          True. Good point. Parents (and grandparents) should pass this on to their kids of course.

  4. Davey T

    Big news… a prostitute gets a load of sticky substance on her breasts… move along people!

  5. Am i still On this Island

    Has to be CCTV there considering the recent issues with pick pockets etc

  6. WOD

    Bring back the kind of Guard who would kick 40 shades of sh:t out of the scumbags who do this..

  7. Cranky

    It seems to be getting worse around the city, GCD is just tagged everywhere these days, and the Samuel Beckett is always ruined

  8. Spanner

    I can’t abide that statue, it should have more paint on it. It could only improve it. Melt it down and do something useful with it!

    1. Kieran NYC

      He must always be so conflicted about going on summer holidays. The silliest of stories always happen in the summer.

  9. Parochial Central

    Graffiti will continue as long as platforms like Broadsheet continue to position it as “art”. It’s SHIT. Disgusting vandalism

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