‘Die-In’ For Gaza



While Ireland abstained.

Jeneen Ijawi (12) from Dublin (above) holds up two names of children killed in Gaza surrounded by representations of blood stained shirts outside the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin last night.

The demonstration was organised by Gaza Action Ireland protesting against the ongoing conflict involving Palestine and Israel focusing on the bombing by Israel on civilians in Gaza.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

22 thoughts on “‘Die-In’ For Gaza

    1. Am i still On this Island

      No mention of Hamas who regularly commit war and humanitarian crimes against the people of Gaza.

        1. Am i still On this Island

          Liamo; sadly if you are protesting for thee rights and protection if the citizens of Gaza you should be questioning Hamas’s war crimes against their own people.

    2. Deadly

      @Everybody – You need to take a longer view of this situation. Beyond that last few weeks or years.

        1. Deadly

          Still doesn’t give the IDF the right to bomb hospitals, regardless of the fact Hamas are firing rockets from these hospitals. If that’s even the case. They have to accept that. Sure none of the Hamas rockets are doing any damage anyway. Sniper them or incapacitate them. Bombing a functioning hospital is off the menu REGARDLESS of who else is in there.

  1. Smashmouth

    “Sure none of the Hamas rockets are doing any damage anyway”

    that’s a moot point

  2. thepeacekeepr

    Hamas is nothing compared to the Israelis. Yeah, they shoot rockets. Ugh. They’ve killed a few people. Have you heard of thousands of people dying, in a few months? You’re playing to the game the sociopathic, Israeli government wants you to. They want you to be an ignorant sheep, a supporter of the massacre of so-called terrorists: children and babies and innocent women.
    You don’t know what you’re doing when you blame Hamas. You’re just part of the herd. You’re not smart. You’re not informed. You’ve successfully been deceived, just one of the millions that the Israelis are snickering at right now.

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