How To Eat Well At College


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The prolific Laura Gaynor (previously) writes:

For several months at college this year I found myself living off chocolate, burritos and tea. This climaxed to a crescendo where I disposed of my breakfast in a blind rage. In any case, I decided I would write something about the weighty topic that is food at college. To my surprise, it’s in the Irish Times. I did a vlog about it too. I’d love if you’d check it out and let me know what you think.

How To Eat Well At College: Ditch the Junk Food And Get Cooking (Laura Gaynor, Irish Times)

25 thoughts on “How To Eat Well At College

  1. Lan

    Step 1. Walk into Supervalu/Dunnes
    Step 2. Find whatever is on special
    Step 3. Cook whatevers on special
    Step 4. Dont live off Burritos or chocolate (Theres nothing wrong with living off tea)

    1. Medium Sized C

      I find her article has a far more human feel to it.
      Like she is discussing the matter.
      Plus it comes with an omlette recipe.

      Maybe you should add a slide or two?

      1. Lan

        Ok I’l add some steps
        2b While staring at the food on special, consider your place in the universe and how you can become a better person
        2c See if eggs are on special
        Also I should add the two main tips I got learning to cook
        1. If it’s burnt at least its (probably) cooked
        2. Chicken should never be translucent

        TBF I’m not at all slagging the girl off, the video is far superior to anything the likes of Donal Skehan ever does

  2. Clampers Outside!

    What, you could afford burrittos! You could buy ten cans of beans for the price of burritto!

    I am always amazed at how useless in the kitchen college kids (they are kids) can be both today and in my own college days…. my advantage was growing up in a B&B, I guess, plus summer jobs in pubs and hotel kitchens taught me enough…. good times :)

    1. Anon

      I could almost live on beans and toast. Not many that could live with me though.

      Beans and pasta is one of the more horrible student meals I was convinced to try. No. So wrong.

      Advice was sound, video was beautifully shot, and I’ve nothing else nice to say about it so I’ll not comment on the flaws. It does the job I’d give it 4/5

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Fair play to her. A little too much “you rock” at the camera but I think she’s got a good series to offer here if the videos stick to the recipes. A lot of people, students and non-students don’t know how to cook.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      My student days consisted of cheese pizza (with loads fo chorizo and onion added) and pasta with a jar of sauce with cheese plus ham and cheese sandwiches …..that was it!

    1. Spartacus

      Just checked, and you’re right. It does.

      I wonder why the internetz picked up on those particular cookies, though? The search entries for “horses in black leather” must have been too much of a challenge.

  4. fluffybiscuits

    A food budget of thirty quid can get you places

    Five chicken breasts from the butchers €5
    3 x pizzas from Aldi – €5
    Veg from Aldi/Market – €5 (onions, peppers, carrots etc)
    2 lb of Mince – € 5
    Cereals,Milk,Tea,bread – €5
    Tinned tomatos, curry pastes etc

    That could be made to last a fornight if a person wanted (well ok its similar to my shoppping list!)

    1. yogy

      Even though you’re obviously a young, male student you should be able to eat healtier than buying 3 pizzas for a fiver. Buy some rice or pasta and make a basic tomato base. Much better for you.

    2. fmong

      Chicken breasts! Beasts no less! Oooh get you! ;-)

      You can get a box of thighs and a box of legs from Supavalu under their 2 for a 5er deal, that’s heaps of chicken for the week, ditch the pizzas (blurgh!) and use that 5er for some cheap polish beer, BOOM! Now you’re living

    3. Anon

      Ovens in student accommodation are generally crap, pizza is not as safe a bet as you might think. It either takes an incredibly long time to cook or is burnt or even burnt and undercooked at the same time.
      You end up having to do daft things like cooking the base in a frying pan and then grilling the top (the pan+grill method can work well for home made pizza though).

      Can’t cook, wont cook. If you can convince a student to get as far as a jar of sauce plus meat plus carbs you’re doing well.
      Didn’t know mayonnaise sandwiches were a thing but had a friend who practically lived on them (and beer).

  5. Daniel

    Yes, poor students. After you have your cheap, healthy meal, feel free to go to pub or club and drink what calories/money you have left.

    Don’t worry, you get student discount in everything, you’ll save up for next night out in no time!

    1. Lan

      Wow broadsheet, we got a whole 11 comments down in a topic related to college before someone with a grunge using a lazy sterotype about students

    2. The Old Boy

      When I was a student I economised heavily on food, clothes and many other basic provisions for the sole purposes of saving for the pub. Many others did the same and I imagine little has changed in the mean time.

    3. Anon

      You’re behind the times, pub drinking is too expensive for students.
      They are all about “predrinking”
      What we used to call “drinking” but those hip kids gave it a new name.

  6. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    You can’t go wrong with Koka noodles. 5 packs for a quid, or at least that’s what they used to be. “Beef” flavour. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  7. Daithif

    Exhausted with the whole ‘Oh, those college kids can’t even boil an egg!’ trope.

    If someone who has the requisite intellect to reach university/college/IT and still needs to be told what to buy/cook then the issue isn’t that they can’t, it’s that they don’t care.

    SpunOut does great work, but I find the tone generally pretty broad and patronising.

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