The Cave Of Three Bridges


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The 250m high Baatara Gorge Waterfall at Tannourine in Lebanon cascades through a limestone cave and three ‘bridges’ formed by millions of years of erosion and rockfalls.

Mind your step. The edges are slippery.


10 thoughts on “The Cave Of Three Bridges

  1. Zynks

    Amazing place, and it would scare the sh!t out of me to walk over the ‘bridges’.

    But no way that is 250 m high. More like 250 ft.

    1. Zynks

      From the Wikipedia page linked (sorry, should have checked it earlier):

      During the spring melt, a 90–100-metre (300–330 ft) cascade falls behind the three bridges (that’s the bit in the pictures) and then down into the 250-metre (820 ft) chasm (a hole on the ground, not shown).

  2. Humans eh!

    Thanks BS for reminding us that there is such timeless beauty in this world of conflict.
    For all our war and self importance we really are just a moment compared to the age of the Earth and the cosmos.
    Humans Eh!

  3. PhilJo

    Where’s the interpretive centre? Don’t they know anything about maintaining a tourist attraction?

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