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A collection of original WW2 British propaganda posters currently accepting bids at David Lay Auctions. Most guide prices are between £30 and £200 but the one on the top left (£800 – £1000 guide) is the most valuable. To wit:

ABRAM GAMES 1914-1996 “Blonde Bombshell” WWII ATS Recruitment Poster Printed for HM Stationery Office by Fosh & Cross Ltd. 1941 73 x 48.5cm Note: When this poster was first issued, Games was criticised for making the design ‘too glamorous’ and it was withdrawn. Games went on to design the official stamp for the 1948 Olympic games and the emblem for the 1951 Festival of Britain.


16 thoughts on “Dunkirk Spirit

  1. martco

    these posters change hands for unreal sums of money when it comes to actual auction time, guide prices are pants, some original “Keep Calm” posters made STG£5000 earlier this year

        1. Anthony Finucane

          It’s been diluted by the myriad variations of it. Keep Calm and Drink Wine, Keep Calm and Buy Shoes, Keep Calm and Have a Lobotomy. The original is still a beautiful piece of artwork mind you.

  2. Bruncvik

    I assume that the “Blonde Bombshell” is the ATS poster. It’s not on the top right, though, but on the top other-right.

  3. Big Mad Bond Fan

    “Nothing from the Allied side?”
    “No, that sort of thing wouldn’t interest me at all.”

  4. kurtz

    Stunning posters.

    The “take time off” ones are interesting, in occupied countries such as Czechoslovakia, it was a common tactic by the resistance to encourage workers to call in sick regularly. It was a fairly non-violent form of resistance that did harm Nazi arms production.

  5. Kieran NYC

    That ‘TOGETHER’ poster is the kind UKIPpers/Little Englanders conveniently forget when celebrating the war/forcing poppy day on everyone, etc.

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