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A bimonthly magazine of confessional writing, personal essays and internal organ spilling published in tactile PRINT form.

Nialler9 writes:

Guts is a new magazine filled with confessional essays and fiction from Irish writers like Maeve Higgins, Eithne Shortall, Neil Watkins, Laurence Mackin, Megan Nolan, Daniel Gray, Padraic E Moore and me put together by Roisin Agnew. Issue 1 with the theme The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter features artwork from Mick Minogue and design by Shane McKenna. There’s a Kickstarter to raise all the funds for printing with decent rewards that’s got off to a good start…

Guts (Kickstarter)

17 thoughts on “The Feel Of A Magazine

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Basically ever tumblr site that isn’t cats/dogs/men with legs too far apart/women eating on trains

  1. missred

    I saw Neil Watkins’ one-man confessional show three years ago, The Year of Magical Wanking. It drained my energy dry til the next day, such was the level of self-flagellation. Enough for a lifetime’s worth of internal-organ spilling, so I won’t be reading his one.

      1. missred

        It was a brilliant show, but was staring at the walls unable to move after. He is a cracking writer/curator with thisispopbaby, but I’m not sure I want to hear more of his first-hand experiences from the confession booth.

  2. Freia

    Here’s what I’d like to donate to the Guts magazine “I hocked up two big chest infection oogies this morning, just after I’d finished my eggs. I was too lazy to spit them out in the jacks or whatever it is the kids are doing with their loogies these days, so I just spat them on the plate I’d just eaten off.”
    Do I win a prize?

  3. jeremy kyle

    I had a bowl of corn flakes today. I usually put a little bit of sugar on them, but I was in a rush and couldn’t find the sugar at all and so my friends I had to have my corn flakes without any sugar at all.

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