Where Art Reflects Life


chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-02 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-01 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-04 chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-03chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-08chateau-de-rentilly-mirror-bona-lemercier-xavier-veilhan-france-designboom-05
Le Château de Rentilly – a 1960s country house 30 km east of Paris reclad with polished mirrored surfaces. Inside, most of the internal volume has been cleared to house a regional showcase of contemporary artwork.


13 thoughts on “Where Art Reflects Life

      1. RidersOnThe Storm

        Bisted was spot on.

        You mustn’t have heard his architectural critique on audio, as when asked to sum up what he thought of this piece of work, he succinctly replied in broad Dublin accent:

        Bleeeeeeeeeeeedin’ ……….Broohal

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