Hark The New Heraldic Logo


currentprint-web-trinity-1TCD logo before (top) and after (above)

Same as the old Trinity College Dublin logo.

Released today –  following amusing design controversy – to the readers of The University Times.

It’s literally a badge of design compromise.

“In early April, a logotype was presented for preliminary approval to the Board, despite significant opposition from internal college groups, such as the Fellows, who had said that they “did not think [their] views were being listened to”.

Significant controversy arose from a perceived name change in the initial logotype, which dropped the “Dublin” from “Trinity College Dublin” in favour of “Trinity College, the University of Dublin”, in an effort to emphasise that Trinity was a university.

The logotype was also perceived to look toy-like and less “heraldic”, leading to widespread parody on social media. The logotype approved today retains the “Trinity College Dublin” name and includes a more heraldic logo.

Trinity Reveals Revised Visual Identity Logotype) Edmund Heaphy, UniversityTimes)

Thanks Samuel Riggs

22 thoughts on “Hark The New Heraldic Logo

    1. Mé Féin

      Taxpayers money frittered away on this stupid exercise. All the while complaining about government cutbacks.

  1. JimmytheHead

    100k fee? Sounds insane and the logo is very similar but its all down to the clowns clients feedback loop. This kind of job could take an hour… or a year, especially if theres more than one group giving their opinion. Im sure they were all happy to give their two cents until the invoices started to come in

  2. ABM

    Why a comma in Irish (correct) and not in English?

    It appears that those in charge of Trinity aren’t that educated at all really.

    1. The Old Boy

      The traditionalists insist on Trinity College, Dublin. It’s bizarre, the College is too afraid of the Irish Language Office to ruin the grammar of the Irish version in a similar manner.

  3. Healy Rae's love child.

    And BS might want to check out who got the first design contract. Interesting bit of nepotism going on there.

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