Getting The Flock Home



David B writes:

My mam was poetic with myself, the brother and the sister last night re: us flying home for Christmas from Paris (me), London and Vienna….


Children of Lir?

24 thoughts on “Getting The Flock Home

  1. Kin Kong Ovo

    Sweet and all as it is …. Surely it’s for yourselves and not for us to be pouring our grubby little eyes over.
    No such thing as privacy anymore.

    1. SLFC Ultra

      Agreed. Just enjoy it, cry about it and laugh about it between yourselves.
      Why do so many of us (me included at times, regrettably) feel the need to share everything with the world?

    1. Grouse

      I don’t understand. A poetic comparison doesn’t make the stark realities of economic refuge any less stark. It possibly makes them more so?

    1. Zoolander

      No matter how bad you feel about any situation, there’s always something your Irish mammy can say to make you feel just a little bit worse….

  2. illuminati16

    Must be crap for dubs who never leave home. They literally can’t relate to the song ‘driving home for Christmas’ !

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The culchie-free city is truly our prize on Dec 24th. Great wit and banter about the pubs and no binge-drinking, tomfoolery or talking about Australia. Just dacent folk having the craic. Ya wouldn’t want to drive anywhere.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Me too. Full of chat about how brilliant Cork is and how it’s no good up here without the Holly Bough an’ Tanora and Hadji Bey’s an’ proper spiced beef, like.

  3. mauriac

    probably cheaper and faster to get to Dublin from those places than from Kerry or Donegal… Europe is tiny.

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