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Scott De Buitléir, of TinderPoint, writes:

“We’ve put together a video with some interesting and heart-warming stats on what the Irish will be getting up to this Christmas. From flights home to charity runs, Midnight mass to swimming at the Forty Foot, Ireland knows how to make the holidays special.”


7 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Hellvetica

    Ubiquitous ukulele? Check. Ha’penny Bridge shot? check. Bland middle class sense of self righteousness? check. These videos must be knocked out 1 a week at this stage. Who is this “Ireland” they speak of? And why is he so dull?

    1. ArseJesus

      ‘Ireland, the best little country where people can count things that never needed to be counted.’

  2. Seamus Keane

    “Tinderpoint. Positioning brands. Right people. Right place. Right time.” – 700,000 people will visit Irish airports I think the term euphemism has just imploded

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