The Toast Of The World


Conor - European Commission, Brussels David & Friends - Coolin Irish Pub, Paris Elly & Friends - CairoJulie - SydneyPaul & Friend - KoreaChloe & Family - England
Siobhan - London-2 Chris, Billy & Peter - Arequipa, Peru

Irish Emigrants toasting Xmas from abroad and urging a vote for expats before the next General Election.

An image sharing initiative organised by emigrant lobby group, We’re Coming Back.

Toasting expats can share their toasts on the twitter stream toastforavote.

From top: Conor at the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium; David and friends at Collin Irish pub, Paris, France; Elly and friends, Cairo, Egypt; Julie and friend , Sydney, Australia; Paul and friend, South Korea; Chloe and family, England; Siobhan, London, England; (l-r) Chris, Billy and Peter, Arequipa, Peru.

Thanks Conor O’Neill

32 thoughts on “The Toast Of The World

    1. Don Pidgeoni


      I don’t get why people who have moved, especially if it has been for a long long time, think they are entitled to vote back home.

    2. louislefronde

      Said like a true Irishman… mean-spirited, provincial, begrudging, and nasty.

      Irish citizens are Irish no matter where they live, and frankly those who have left Ireland in the last 10-15 years have as much a right to vote in an Irish election as anyone else.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        No they don’t. They left. There are sensible rules about when you lose the right to vote after leaving

      2. funman

        Begrudgery is a horrible part of our national psyche. But you need to be away for a while to see it.

        Anyway, I dont see why anyone abroad would want to vote. It does fupp all good for those living here, never mind those abroad. In Spain, resident foreigners can vote in local elections, but guess what? Makes fupp all difference there too.
        And I dont mean to sound cranky. Its just that way.

    3. Kieran NYC

      If emigrants want to vote in general elections, we should have to pay taxes. Don’t think it’s fair otherwise.

      I DO think we should be able to vote in presidential and referenda though. Maybe with a time limit of ten years away max.

  1. Cranky

    For every vote they get we should get a vote where they are, then we can all ruin each other’s countries without having to live there

  2. Odis

    A vote for ex-pats before the next election? Why? They don’t live here. Would you have a TD for Ex-pats?
    Or maybe you could make them part of Longford or something, now they aren’t populating it with windmills anymore.

    I suppose one extrapolation of this foolishness is perhaps we could get Irish Americans voting in any forthcoming Abortion referenda. After all, they didn’t mind spending a few bob to save the auld sod, for Jesus after the Savita incident.

  3. Perry Throne

    Vote where you pay your taxes and the society you’ve chosen to live in and which you have chosen to protect you. You can’t be allowed vote for some booze-sodden misty-eyed Narnia of your bitter dreams that you couldn’t be arsed living in.
    But youse can vote in Eurovision.

    1. Odis

      Couldn’t be arsed living in is a bit strong – in fairness to those that have had to go abroad, rather than sign on.

      Though if you were having booze sodden misty eyed dreams about the old country. What would you miss?
      Your friends, family etc. ?
      I put it to you, that one of the last things you would miss would be trotting down to the local school, or whatever, to put some numbers on a piece of paper, with some pictures of grinning gombeens printed on it. And if you did miss this experience, then you should be disqualified from voting, in any case.

      1. Mikeyfex

        I agree, Sido.

        ‘There was a vote back home last Thursday? Oh right.’

        The only thing I’ll say for it is the vast majority of the many thousands of people who left sit in my demographic.

        1. Odis

          Point taken about the demographic,
          But can you imagine the gerrymandering, sundry stupidity and general humiliation of the nation, that would go on, courtesy of the political classes, if this sort of madness came to pass

  4. Hashtag Diversity

    If you’re coming back then why the f*ck do you want the vote? And how much tax, and in what jurisdiction, does Mr European Commission pay?

    No problem with giving them votes provided it works on the U.S. system – you file and report every year and if you are over a certain threshold on worldwide income pay tax in BOTH countries.

  5. Hashtag Diversity

    Why doesn’t BS do a poll of these mofos and ask them what way they would vote in a referendum on water ownership and charges if they had a vote from abroad?

  6. Mrs Stapleton

    No way should Irish people living overseas get the vote.

    With the power of voting comes the responsibility of living with your actions. If you want to vote in Ireland, live here. Why should someone in London get to vote on Irish affairs just because their name is Murphy?

    1. Artemis

      “Why should someone in London get to vote on Irish affairs just because their name is Murphy?”
      Why not, exactly?

      Do you think they’ll care less, or could vote for any worse clowns who’ve the Irish at home have voted in?

  7. Odis

    “With the power of voting comes the responsibility of living with your actions.” – Well said Mrs S.

  8. louislefronde

    Put simply, the usual suspects (Rednecks) will do anything to stop emigrants from voting, notwithstanding that more than 120 countries around the world have provisions for their citizens abroad to cast a ballot, but Ireland does not currently allow emigrants to vote in presidential or Dáil elections.

    They say people get the government they deserve – in which case we have had successive governments made up of hicks, thicks and pricks –

    I wonder why?

    1. Artemis

      Bit of a stinky attitude on this thread all right.
      I don’t see any reasoning, other than they just shouldn’t, coz.

  9. Artemis

    If you’re Irish, you should have a say in the running of the place.
    I fail to see how, because of the fact of being forced to emigrate, you should forfeit having a say.

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